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There Are Not Going To Be Institutional Investors without Multi-Signature per TRON CEO

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TRON ranks next to Stellar Lumens.  At press time TRON was ranging at $0.023993.

The Ministry of Industry in China have shown their preference for Scalability focused blockchain projects.  “TRON is the most ambitious in the DApp field, with a $2 billion Project Genesis launched in the second half of the year. In addition, it spends $100 million on TronArcade to promote its DApp ecosystem.”

The transaction volume of TRON has increased to 130,000 transactions in a day to nearly 1.7 million transactions.  This is a 10 fold increase in the transaction.

The structure of the TRON Blockchain network, known as the Super Representatives, make it possible for networks to maintain a large transaction.  The DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stakes) is the consensus mechanism of TRON.

High transaction capacity within a short period time is the most desirable feature in TRON.  If there needs to be scalability a certain degree of compromise in the decentralization is unavoidable.  The low level of decentralization is something that TRON is frequently criticized for.

Scalability attracts developers and DApps thus providing them with favorable data processing environments.

Accelerated growth is expected for TRON considering its Active user badge and huge transactional capacity.

Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON stated that the bottom is already reached and that the bear market is over.  When talking about Bitcoin, Justin Sun, opined that Bitcoin would trade in the $3000 through $5000 range. A market breakthrough according to Justin Sun might happen with a breakthrough in the DApp Ecosystem. 

While attending to an ask me anything session Justin Sun was talking about BitTorrent Token and its adoption, he stated, “We expect over 100 million active users will get to know about cryptocurrency and the first one they will experience will be BTT. For reference, Bitcoin has only 10 million.”

He also spoke about how multi-signature was important for high net worth individual and about how institutional investors had their standardized approach to keep cryptocurrency assets, which were managed by multiple parties with multi-layer procedures. There are not going to be institutional investors without multi-signature.

TRON is also very firm about their goals concerning the South Korean gaming market.

When talking about plans Sun stated, “We are currently working on a new live/social media app and looking for ways to integrate BTT on it! By doing that we aim to empower a new generation of content creators to distribute their content without the middleman and offer a very official channel for the fans to connect with their idols and the content creators with their audience,” he further stated, “We will be giving more details very soon.”

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