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Throwing the Towel Is an Evolving Cryptocurrency Trend

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The cryptocurrency market is looking at an institutional investment interest to establish a rejuvenation for itself.  The year 2019 will unfold the momentum.

Different financial products are proposed by various financial institutions centered around Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. However, all these are not going to fire up the Bull Run. Development of futures products might have a catalytic role; however, the market response is based on several other things.

The crypto market has reached a point in time where the news and events are not playing the role of market makers. The trend lines are pushed by investor sentiment which is technically sophisticated and intellectually sound.

Tricky selling and buying is still the rule in trading.  Investors sell when the rumors of highs kick in, and they sell when the news is beginning to fade. Buying when there is blood in the market is still the trend. These trends are here to stay, and 2019 might not send them away.   The market is wide.

Trading based on the news alone is not the trend because several speculative traders are already out of the crypto market boundaries.

The bear trend of the year 2018 has taught investors not to trade the news.  And, the too good to be genuinely massive bullish trends are not trusted anymore.  Investors are slowly trying to recover from their wash out experiences. Support lines for Bitcoin have been broken at every decline breaking all hopes down to $3.5 K.  Investors are scared about how low the Bitcoin can go. 

It is not established that the bear market is over.  Prices are not ready to climb back to their all-time highs. Post a severe bear market; it is not easy to see the bulls pick up.  Bears happen instantly; however, bulls build up gradually and slowly.

Several new cryptocurrency projects are winding up and throwing in the towel.  They are willing to give the money back to the investors.  The regulatory requirements are becoming strong.  If the coins will be classified as a security, then compliance and taxes are only going to get harder for these projects.

Every project is more concerned about a reality check before launching the solutions of their white paper. Many more companies will quit in 2019.  Some are not making any progress at all, and they are just holding on to see if a sudden miracle will revive them.

As the cryptocurrency industry is maturing, there is a significant lookout for the scalability factor of the crypto.  For currencies to work as valid competitors, they need to sustain a particular speed. Platforms that identify a concrete solution concerning scaling are here to stay.  The rest are going to find the lines getting tough. Investors are interested in cautious approaches.  Optimism is not springing out in an instance; 2019 to unfold the trend lines soon.

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