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Transparency, Trust, (Blockchain) Technology: The 3 Ts of AdSigma

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Advertisers and publishers, in the digital marketing space, want to boost their users and increase their brand engagement. AdSigma is a decentralised digital advertising platform, aimed at catering to the needs of advertisers and publishers, along with disrupting the digital duopoly of giant advertisement networks like Google and Facebook. AdSigma, the next generation Digital Display Advertising Platform, is planning to bring about a change in the space via blockchain revolution. To begin with, the Singapore-based startup is debuting their own cryptocurrency called ADSi token, that is to become the primary payment mode for transactions on the digital platform.

The main vision is to disrupt the duopoly of existing advertisement networks like Google and Facebook so that both publishers and advertisers can profit from a transparent network. The platform will use Ethereum’s Smart Contract to guarantee secure and easy transactions between advertisers and publishers, without any middlemen. There will be no one sole entity to have control over the platform to make sure no transaction will be interfered upon, nor anybody will be given special preference.

A member in the platform will hereby be assured the following in this blockchain powered space, without any condition: trust, transparency and decentralised blockchain technology. Each ADSi token will represent the ability to purchase digital display ads. You can use the ADSi platform for the following:

  1.    Buying and selling digital display ads.
  2.    Paying fees to Ethereum.
  3.    Paying fees to platform operators (Relayers).
  4.    Paying for future services and functions produced by AdSigma.

The internet has digitized the market structure of late and marketers are constantly shifting to internet-based platforms to launch their products and services. The digital market consists of three parties: firstly, the publisher, who integrates advertisements into his online content; secondly, the advertiser, who provides advertisement to be displayed along with the publisher’s content; and thirdly, advertisement network, who act as the middlemen and help generate the ads and track their statistics.

Ad network giants like Google and Facebook charge a huge commission from publishers for providing services. Google alone charge 32% for online content marketing, while Facebook charges a handsome commission of 45%. 85% of their revenue comes from advertising revenue. AdSigma aims to enable a core disruption in the duopoly of existing advertising networks, through Blockchain technology, with ZERO fee charged. Ad Networks are making a revenue of over $220 billion per year and there’s a need for an alternative platform to address the concerns of advertisers and publishers.

Google and Facebook are the major players among the hundreds of advertising networks, and they apparently dominate the market. Both the firms have a vast database created by the information fed by the end users, which acts as a data bank for them when it comes to advertisements, and hence they attract a huge customer base. However, here are some of the many issues posed by the traditional model of online advertising. Firstly, their services lack transparency. Secondly, the real-time bidding platforms do not share the bidding information with the advertisers. Thirdly, the ad networks tend to charge an unreasonably high commission to the publishers. Fourthly, there are clear chances of ad frauds like – dummy clicks on the ad links.

In lines of these concerns, AdSigma looks to create an alternative space which works in favour of advertiser and publishers, and here’s how we will address the biggest concerns for advertisers and publishers:

  • Unreasonable Commission: At AdSigma, an ethereum based platform will be built in which the need of ad networks will be eliminated, and advertisers and publishers can directly communicate with each other. All payment will be done in token named ADSi. Relaying fees will be discovered automatically by the market forces and publisher will get to keep higher margins on the fee charged to the advertiser.
  • Lack of Negotiation Power: On this platform, the publishers will have the liberty of choosing their own pricing policy and shall not be restricted/interfered by any middleman. Also, the advertisers would be able to negotiate on prices and terms of service.
  • No Flexibility in Payment: The advertisers shall be themselves benefited with a lower fee as the publishers get to keep higher margins. AdSigma will be issuing tokens named ADSi. All the token-holders will be part of the AdSigma community and shall be able to experience their superior quality of service

Along with the above, we believe in the power of open-source projects, we want to help this economy to operate on its own without any intervention of Ad Networks and eventually at ZERO commission fee. Hence, a publisher gets to keep 100% of the ad revenue. The cost of an advertisement will reduce for the advertiser as well. Further, they can develop relations and enter into more contracts in future. The publisher has an advantage of not only selecting the ad he wants to be displayed but also selecting a suitable advertiser.

Why Blockchain Technology to power a digital advertising platform?

We value the expectations and needs of publishers and advertisers and this is why our platform will be the ultimate alternative where ease of transactions will be made and quality content will be produces that will be wholly customer-centered. The blockchain technology is very new and unexplored. Various applications of the technology are yet to be discovered. Hence, there is enormous scope for innovation. Our team of experts makes us stand in the competitive scenario. All the competitors in the decentralized platform will be able to learn from the other and shall grow together as an industry aimed towards benefitting the advertisers and publishers. Furthermore, the competition will make us push harder to achieve our goal and be consistent on our path. One definite advantage of the competition is to the customers. Due to competition, the publishers and the advertisers will always be having an alternative, and this will lead to an augmented level of service.

About Ad Sigma

AdSigma will be one of the few first digital ads space that will integrate cryptocurrency as the common mode of payment in a digital advertising platform. We will make sure to maneuver blockchain technology to add valuable asset to generate profit for digital advertising, and create transparency for both advertisers and publishers alike.  Please visit: https://adsigma.io/

Pre-Sale Date: 5th April, 2018 at 10:00 UTC

Crowd-Sale Date: 20th May, 2018 10:00 UTC

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