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Tron Supported By HyperPay

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Storing and integrating several hundred niche cryptocurrencies is an emerging problem to be solved in the cryptocurrency industry.  When a cryptocurrency gets the support of a wallet, it is great news for those who are looking to integrate their wallets and those who are looking to store the cryptocurrencies.

Tronix (TRX) the official digital currency of TRON. TRON is working on creating a content sharing platform that uses peer-to-peer networking supported by blockchain technology.  This will be a content sharing platform where the content will be based on entertainment. This will help digital content creators to bypass the middlemen and connect with their customers directly.

Justin Sun, Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, declared that TRON is now backed by Hyperpay_tech, which is a multi-currency Payment Solution for the commerce of tomorrow. Of note, TRX is the 18th mainnet.

For those who are new to HyperPay, they are an online wallet.  They integrate their proprietary multi-currency payment solutions to ease transactions.  HyperPay has to say that they are the first of the onchain and off-chain wallet in the whole world.

The wallet allows for easy access to users looking to transact their crypto, and it will be focusing on improving the user experience with their app.  This app permits users to use it to manage their personal finance, regardless of the type of their transaction currency. This app can be easily accessed via smart devices and smartphones.

An updated version of the app was launched with a lot of offers among their fanfare, and the crypto enthusiasts were impressed by the lucrative offers.  The robust security features are the positive feature of the system.  Since security is very important for managing cryptocurrencies, this app does the job really well.  The app is completely transparent in the way it works, and it works with zero transaction fees in cases of off-chain wallet transfers.  The app as well allows for zero latency.

Hyperpay is happy to accept TRON in their offerings.  The numbers of tokens in offerings in this platform are increasing.

Of note, this platform already supports popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), EOS, Litecoin (LTC), HCash, Qtum, and more.  The list extends to more than 110 cryptocurrencies in number.

Being a blockchain based streaming platform, TRON is excited about the support of the multi-currency payment solution from the HyperPay platform.

The relationship is working out to be a mutually winning deal for both companies.  TRON will be getting excellent exposure by making use of this payment solution.  The users will be able to access the niche content delivery and streaming platform comfortably with a great user experience which in turn will have HyperPay expand their user base even further.

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