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User Experience will be the Core Principle that Drives Cryptocurrency Adoption


Paul Puey, founder of Edge Wallet also a veteran in crypto entrepreneurship, stated, “You could find out pretty easily when a company started accepting cryptocurrency, but nowhere could you find out when a merchant stopped accepting it.”

Even if the end customer is willing to pay using cryptocurrency, if the merchant is not willing to accept the cryptocurrency then the in-person adoption of crypto will not get too far. Considering the scenario explained by Paul Puey, it is evident about how now the concept of in-person adoption of crypto usage is. Only the point-of-sale industry will be able to help with the mass adoption of cryptocurrency to a great extent.

If cryptocurrencies should be seamlessly integrated with the existing inventory and business management systems, the point of sale systems should be reliable concerning continued acceptance of cryptocurrency.

Moving forward Puey stated that people are not sure of what will ultimately win. Despite Bitcoin being on the top, people are not able to say without a certain degree of discomfort that they will be using Bitcoin for their regular payments.

While businesses choosing cryptocurrency as one of the payment systems is one thing, integrating it into their business model is another thing. Apart from the point-of-sale process, there are not too many options available to incorporate cryptocurrency into business models, and there are no proper tools.

Even with killer payment apps for merchants, which will be able to help with the post-payment aspects in cryptocurrency, merchants need to have some benefit for using it like broad customer base, low fees, etc.

While all of these are important, the cryptocurrency industry is not focusing on these aspects.

The Edge platform makes use of the Augur Code that provides with a degree of convenience that cannot be achieved with standard wallet implementations.

This code makes it easy to create an account for the login. Private keys are simultaneously generated, and the backups are automatically stored. Also, Edge can be expanded infinitely. Almost, all block chains are plugins.  In several cases, it is possible to copy paste and integrate codes to blockchains.

Edge is known to be user-focused and has forever been concerned about the requirement of uses.  And the adoption does not happen if the user should do a lot of things that they do not know to do or are not used to be doing. It is ultimately the user experience that will be the core principle that will decide if mass adoption will take place, irrespective of the apps and goodness of technology.  Experience matters.

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