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Venezuela: A Country That Desperately Needs Cryptocurrency

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Venezuela: A Country That Desperately Needs Cryptocurrency 

Last week, I had six friends from Caracas, Venezuela visit me. It was so good to see them again. Two of my friends had little babies that I had never met before. During their visit, I would ask them about their country, the economy and cryptocurrency. 

They spoke openly about the daily hardships and struggles they endure on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon to spend hours and hours waiting in line to just to get into the grocery store. Once you make it through the front door, you hope there is still food on the shelves to purchase. Sometimes there are only a few items in the store left. But no one can buy them because they’re so expensive. It’s sad. Many people in Venezuela go to bed hungry every night.

As they told me these stories, my heart was breaking inside because these are my friends who are suffering. These are not strangers I read about in a magazine or watch on television. These are young families trying to survive in a country that has over a million percent inflation. One of my friends told me that the monthly salary for basic job is $4.00 US. That’s per month!

Last year when there were riots in the city, police were called and used tear gas to disperse the crowds. One of my friends lived several blocks away from where the crowds were gathered and could smell the tear gas in his apartment. 

We also talked about cryptocurrency. They have been reading many articles on cryptocurrency. They quickly saw how this would bring hope and stability to their country and their own personal lives. I told them about various crypto exchanges to register.  We then talked about different crypto wallet options that were available to them. 

Talking to them about cryptocurrency was giving them hope and encouragement. During their visit, I made a short video with my friend, Ruben, and posted it on my YouTube channel. He talked waiting in long lines for food and his daily life in Venezuela. Cryptocurrency will help change the economic conditions in Venezuela.

It was sad to see my friends leave and go back to a country that is falling apart. As I write this article, the government is in shambles. The economy is in free-fall. People are suffering. My friends are suffering. There has to be a better way. The answer is cryptocurrency.  

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