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What Is Cryptocurrency Tribalism?


Have you ever heard of the term “Cryptocurrency Tribalism?” Do you know what it means? If you’ve never heard of it let me quickly explain it. Tribalism is based on an assumption that if I’m invested in a particular cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or litecoin, then all the other projects are seen as useless or worthless. 

I’m active on Twitter and it’s fairly typical to see someone who supports one crypto project to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about another project they do not like or see as valuable. What this does is fragments the crypto community into sub-communities. These sub-communities remain focused on one cryptocurrency and openly declare that this project will revolutionize the entire cryptocurrency space. Not only that, some of these sub-communities become hostile against other cryptocurrency communities and label them as “scams.” It’s unfortunate this happens but it sometimes becomes common. 

This type of behavior does not contribute to an overall healthy crypto community. Sometimes I view these types of exchanges on Twitter like young children arguing over something trivial. This childish behavior, in my opinion, is not helpful to the cryptocurrency community as a whole. It’s not helpful for people who are new in the crypto community to see people arguing over who has the “best” project. 

Just last week, I posted on Twitter an article on The Currency Analytics. About 5 minutes later, one of the main leaders of a very popular cryptocurrency project attacked me on Twitter and told me that The Currency Analytics was a scam and began to degrade the project. I was shocked when I read this person’s tweet. This is what I said earlier that this type of behavior has no place in the crypto community. It creates division and confusion when people read these types of Twitter posts. 

This negative talk also hurts those new to the cryptocurrency space. When I was new on Twitter and was first learning about different crypto projects, I found it odd that people would talk about other crypto projects with such negative comments. It rude and people need to stop with these child-like comments.

I’ll be the first to admit that the community members on Twitter and Telegram who promote The Currency Analytics are very supportive people. I interact with the TCAT community on a daily basis on both Twitter and Telegram. Crypto Tribalism does not exist within the TCAT community. 

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The mission to educate the online audience about all the nuances as well drives the site as latest developments in the cryptocurrency world. The Currency Analytics emphasizes the most impartial, authentic and well-researched news reports. The site also offers daily data on live crypto market. 

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