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What Must I do to Get Rewards at ShibaSwap?

What Must I do to Get Rewards at ShibaSwap

ShibaSwapDex expressed:  Rewards are coming.

Community Response:  What must I do to get rewards?

You have to utilize the swap for rewards. Burying your coin would work.

Finally, I know I got my Ryoshi reward already I been waiting on the rest of the reward.  Gas fees are too high.

You can burry your coins or provide liquidity at SHIBASWAP to earn rewards (can find Tutorials at YouTube). But I don’t recommend this if you have less than 100M SHIBA due to the high gas fee (blame on the Ethereum).

Yeah. I tried to woof and stake my bone coins and just lost my Ethereum. Only have 113 bone so probably not worth it and without a good how to video it’s throwing money away. I’ll just HODL my SHIB and bone and buy LEASH when I can. I’ve lost every time.

I understand and agree it’s probably better to hold because how expensive ETH is, but just saying in order to stake you have to pay gas fees twice. Once to stake and once to approve. So that’s probably why you “lost” eth. Just got to do the second gas fee.

I buried a million and started getting rewards on that. So I staked 49 million more and waited 8 days and only showing rewards for the first million. Do I have to un stake the first million and re-stake them all at the same time?

Are there plans to expand on the Metaverse frontier? If so, please give us some insight.

What’s the smallest amount I can bury? I would like to earn rewards as I stake, but fear I don’t have enough to?  If you are so worried, do something stable. Selling currency is exciting and exciting.

I’ve got a small amount of ETH (and ETH2) and even smaller amount by of BTC. Floki might buy.  SHIB is my main investment.

I think the burn is now optional for tokens listing on the Shiba Swap.

Can I ask a question? If I stake how long do, I have to stake to earn rewards? Why doesn’t it show underneath? Is that how I earn Bone? I staked once for a week and nothing changed so I unstaked?

Just staked it bro. You will get your rewards overtime. I’ve gotten some. Better to do that than to get nothing at all.

Why is SHIBA INU circulating supply showing error in coin market cap.  Binance and others are not fixed yet. Need to resolve that immediately because investors are pulling out.

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