Home Altcoins News Will Cardano (ADA) Match the Bitcoin (BTC) Market Cap with 18 dollars in 6 to 8 months?

Will Cardano (ADA) Match the Bitcoin (BTC) Market Cap with 18 dollars in 6 to 8 months?

Will Cardano Match the Bitcoin Market Cap with 18 dollars in 6 to 8 months

So, what are the Cardano guys discussing about?

Cardano Apps. ADA Shared: Cardano ADA is going to be 18 dollars in the next 6-8 months. I am convinced. Good luck everyone.

Community Response:  I’m a big ADA supporter, but you’re looking at just about matching the current BTC market cap. Unlikely.

So, if demand is high towards JUNE then we could potentially see a 500B market cap. If 200 dapps are ready to launch and can run on Cardano with minimal congestion then we are getting there.

BTC market cap dropped from 1.2 T to 600b. No 600 billion volume (just 50 billion moved on the zero-sum game). People were wanting to sell as fast as possible. BTC mcap (600B) is now just 5% more than the ATH mcap of ETH (569B). Mcap is pointless.

No. Your Yoroi wallet is sick, too much slow ADA network. ADA is going to be 0.5 dollars.

It’s funny how easily people become pessimistic when is down and very optimistic when is up.

Just asking, do you know what the market cap of ADA will be if this is going to happen?

ADA would have to be at a $500+b mC for it to be $18. It isn’t happening IMO but if this person wants to believe it, leave him be. There’s no harm my way. Let everyone have their own opinion and don’t tear them down for it.

Bold claim. I’m not convinced. But I sure would love to see it.

Not sure about the timeframe but I think if the bull run doesn’t finish here, we will see 18 dollars soon. I don’t think we are entering a bear market. I will be convinced below 0.40 dollars. Do you see that happening?

I don’t think the bull market is over. Once summer temperatures drop covid cases, Ukraine’s situation calms and the markets realize that the FED cannot significantly raise rates without bankrupting the US government the markets will turn green again.

And don’t forget that the FED is still printing money and buying assets, just at a slower rate than before. But QE is still happening. I just disagree with 18 dollars. Maybe 10-12 dollars ADA if the run continues.

Fair enough. I think 18 dollars is over-extended and won’t last but between $8-12 will be a reasonable price if we have what Ethereum has. Lots of Defi and dapps.

People were saying the same thing 12 months ago. I’ve got a big bag but be we will be very lucky to see ADA at 5 dollars in 10 years.

I will be happy with just 5 dollars before the end of this year.

I feel 4-5 dollars is a very reasonable/doable price point by end of the year.

I’m all about Cardano, but to see $18, I sure hope other DEX will do better than Sundae Swap epic failure!

Cardano doesn’t only depend on its development. All around markets are readjusting, not only crypto. Nothing is impossible. But getting to 3 dollars again and this time consolidating for a next run would be pretty cool if you ask me.

Sounds optimistic and perhaps accurate, as due to geopolitical reasons people want to switch their earns into crypto avoiding inflation.  The best thing of all this is that we will see it sooner or later.

Eh? Bro, it’s going to go wherever the market goes. They can complete the roadmap to perfection, but if the crypto market is drowning so will Cardano.

18 dollars? So, in your opinion, Cardano can reach in 6 months a market cap higher than 500b?

That is a bold prediction but the fact is that no one knows for sure. Crypto is still very unpredictable. I think there are a few scenarios where 18 dollars could happen. I give it a 6.5% chance. Why not be optimistic?

There is a background and infrastructure to support that level now – I would NOT be surprising if ADA hits $ 20 – ETH is years behind now.

I am convinced it will go up. But to pick any number is just Hopium, as nobody can know. As we have seen market conditions affect crypto prices. All those people that say the stock market does not affect crypto are wrong.



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