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XDCE Offers Reference Rate and Real time Index for Cryptocurrencies

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It is well known that cryptocurrencies are not backed by the prices of value of commodities like gold or any other product that has an underlying value.  When it comes to fiat currencies, they are declared to be legal by the government.  Therefore, the trust factor is easily established. Most of the countries in the world are used to making used to making use of the fiat currency systems.  Therefore, the central banks and the monetary reserves factor tend to indirectly control the inflation factor of fiat currency.

Relative Store of Value

When it comes to cryptocurrencies like XDCE from XinFin, bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Monero etcetera, they are not influenced by central banks or inflation factors because several countries do not accept them as a legal tender. There is a fixed supply of these Hybrid blockchain technology based tokens that have a relative store of value.   Despite fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies being supported by similar factors, the value of cryptocurrencies is not subject to inflation issues like regular fiat currency.

Fluctuation in Currency Price

Cryptocurrency serve as a digital medium of exchange and it is generated by computers. Since it is decentralized and there is a limited supply of this currency, no one does control this currency.  There is a lot of fluctuation in the price of cryptocurrencies and they are pretty volatile when compared to the other traditional economies like the forex market.

Global Perspective of Money

The global perspective of money revolves around the gold market cap, the stock market, USD in currencies and now in the list are cryptocurrencies, which includes the crypto from different minters.  The value of different cryptocurrency is not the same across the world.  Just like the currency of each countries have different values different types of cryptocurrencies have different values. Some make use of the public blockchain technology, some make use of the private blockchain technology and some make use of the private block chain technology.

Private BlockChain Technology

XinFin XDCE is very attractive and interesting as it is strategically efficient to challenge several other well-established cryptocurrencies in the market.  The value of XDCE is surging because it addresses the problems in public block chain and private block chain technologies, facilitating faster transactions.  It offsets the disadvantages in major cryptocurrencies by being customer centric.

Cryptocurrency Market Cap

When compared to the rest of the fiat currencies, the liquidity for cryptocurrencies like XDCE from XinFin is limited due to the applicable cryptocurrency market cap. On an overall perspective, it is good to know that the total money value from all over the world is set at $90 trillion; however, the value of cryptocurrencies is set at a cap of $250 billion and this is a massive statistical difference.

With multiple cryptocurrencies around in the market, XDCE is taking up attention of the cryptocurrency market and it is establishing itself as a leading coin that can be reliably used for speculative understanding of the price trends of the other cryptocurrencies. Following the price history and analytics charts offered by XDCE should reveal the rest in currency trends.

Learn more about Xinfin : https://xinfin.org

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