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XDCE token gets listed on exchanges, valued 20% higher than Token Contribution Price

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Singapore, March 21, 2018—XinFin is a Singapore based Blockchain Technology Company which focuses on blockchain protocol development to help larger enterprises by creating real world use cases and offering advanced international peer-to-peer trade and finance platform known as TradeFinex. XinFin has successfully conducted its initial coin offering (ICO) recently and the company raised $15 million USD worth digital assets. XinFin has received a positive response from its global customer base which represents the confidence in its rapidly growing blockchain-based ecosystem.

“We are very happy to declare that our XDCE Utility token is available for trading on various public exchanges in just few days after the initial offering. Popular exchanges include Bancor.network , Koinok.com , Alphaex.net , Forkdelta and Etherflyer.com. Users will be able to effortlessly convert their utility tokens, and have continuous liquidity for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Ethereum as well as for local fiat currency. We will keep including more exchanges to offer more flexibility and establish real world use cases with several government and financial institutions using XDC utility token”, said XinFin’s Co-Founder, Peter Yeo.

XinFin’s XDC01 protocol support its Tradefinex platform which is accessible to small farmers or business owners globally who are unable to get bank support due to poor financial setup and inaccessibility. Such deserving individuals are either refused loans by conventional banking systems or have to opt for expensive ‘centralized’ bank processes. TradeFinex’s financial mechanism allows investors and buyers to access the required capital at internationally competitive rates, offers suppliers visibility on international bids and potential customer base and permits financiers to have real time visibility on their investments.

Cross-border trade finance is one of the significant use-cases of XDC serving almost $27 Trillion of international market. XinFin is presently working on various industrial projects in sectors like Solar, Banking, Aviation, Tourism, Supply Chain Logistics and implementing customized solutions for business process re-engineering, supply chain, financing, procurement, reconciliation, settlement and so on.

The XinFin ecosystem will also help with price fluctuation of FIAT currencies, future domestic crypto currencies and current cryptocurrencies by offering investigating services like KYC, AML on its TradeFinex platform. XinFin will gather information through proper KYC and AML processes from all enterprises using the XDC platform. XinFin will join forces with enterprises to modify the compliance procedures by implementing blockchain powered solutions.

“XinFin is different than Bitcoin and Ethereum as it offers a Hedge Pool functionality which protects its users from volatility in the XDC token price during procurement and settlement process. Users get payment as per the settled FIAT currency value irrespective of fluctuations. Safe and verifiable smart contracting standardizes fiduciary use-cases by re-engineering and automation of traditional lending and trading. Digital tokens can be exchanged against FIAT currencies or any cryptocurrencies.” added Peter Yeo.

XinFin hybrid network runs on an entrusted proof of stake consensus between trusted masternodes and is powered by its advanced next-gen level digital XDC token which is an underlying fuel but does not use high energy. IoT along with XDC protocol allows real time data upload on blockchain. XinFin utility tokens are a perfect fit for trade and finance as XDC01 protocol is a regulatory compliance. XinFin utility tokens works as a communication and approval layer for national and cross-border authorized transactions. Esteemed financial establishments can use XDC utility token as a payment and settlement layer which proves that XDC tokens can be used across all sectors.

About XinFin

XinFin (http://www.xinfin.io), a Blockchain technology company, has built enterprise friendly Hybrid Blockchain and platform for global trade and financing. XinFininaugarated TradeFinex in Asia at Assocham (http://www.assocham.org) and offered the platform to more than 450,000 enterprise participants. Ramco systems (http://www.ramco.com) is a part of $1 Billion multinational companies world-wide and has chosen XinFin to implement blockchain solutions for over 500 of its clienteles in various sectors such as Aviation, HR and Supply Chain.


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