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XinFin is trending on Entrepreneur Global

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XinFin’s XDC FIAT Value and Multicurrency Blockchain Wallet With Multisig Support is Built For Mainstream Enterprise Adoption

Today, we are continuously being occupied with more up-to-date and better digital wallets. However, when it comes to security and real-world usability of these digital wallets, most of them fail to prove its applicability in real world. Integrated over one-of-its-kind XDC protocol, XinFin’s Wallet product is not only a security compliance but has also found its usability across various industries.

Be it Banking or Power, Solar or Tourism, Aviation or any diverse application across trade and financing, XDC Wallet can be used by individuals, corporates and financial institutions to facilitate both internal and cross border real time settlement including trade, financing, business transactions, equity transaction settlement and remittances.

XDC Wallet: The Overview

Devised upon XinFin’s flagship hybrid blockchain network protocol, XDC Wallet puts on the map a number of features in terms of security and high throughput coupled with low transaction fee as compared to other financial transactionary mediums.

XDC blockchain based wallet can be integrated into industrial arenas with extended operations as well as with standalone businesses. XinFin provides option to set up Wallet on Private blockchain with or without changing any current running system to leverage blockchain based use case.

Ousting Cash, Uncovering Perks

The growing concept of going cashless has brought digital cryptocurrency wallets to the forefront. Blockchain based XDC Wallet is no exception. It comes with the convenience where individuals and organizations can make payments through XDCE tokens at both brick-and-mortar establishments and online purchases. They can cash in on the loyalty points and rewards they get by performing token based transactions. XDC Wallet is the most feasible solution for all kinds of establishments and institutions including banks, organizations, multi chain restaurants, stores, travel, hotels and online purchases and any other transaction record trail needed for the audit.

XDC Wallet — a Regulatory Compliance

Blockchain based XDC Wallet is a powerful tool — all thanks to its built-in smart contracts and peer to peer workflows. Running on a strong FIAT regulatory compliant XinFin network, XDC Wallet will gladly accept all merchant integrations with absolute interoperability with distinct payment and settlement systems as per compliance. XDC Wallet will also support KYC, AML and other standard regulations and norms.

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