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XMR To Launch a New Platform to Educate Users About Crypto-Malware

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Monero or XMR a few days ago announced the launching of their new online platform to enlighten users about cleaning up crypto ransomware and jacking malware.

Two of the most amazing of Monero is its privacy and ease of mining. But, these features are what makes this coin susceptible to bad actors that utilize this digital currency in malware. In an interview with a CNN, Malware Response Workgroup director Justin Ehrenhofer, commented that two critical aspects make this coin striking to scammers and hackers alike.

Two reasons why hackers like this coins is that: first, its private so, hackers don’t have to worry about law enforcement and agencies monitoring what they do with the coin after mining it, and second, this coin utilizes PoW or Proof of Work which is GPU and CPU friendly algorithm. As a result, the infected machines are competitive. These components are factors for why hackers decide to mine Monero and not BTC, ETH or Altcoin.

The reason why this platform is made according to Ehrenhofer is to help those victims of ransomware attacks and illegal mining, who most of the time don’t have the idea what mining, digital currencies, and monero are. The growing incidence of malware prompted the creation of this platform. The new platform seeks to update and let the visitors know on the best means to avoid and eliminate malware. Aside from knowing if malware is working on your comp, the platform includes solutions for various kinds of attacks commonly used by hackers.

Scripts to mine XMR in the web browser are usually used as an opt-in service as avenues for visitors to finance websites. Slate.com temporarily added digital currency mining as an option for guests rather than ads.

But, hackers can also inject scripts into weak and defenseless sites with the needs of webmasters. This action is called crypto jacking. Research shows that this activity augments by 86 percent in May this year. But, a few months ago the number of crypto jacking increased to a significant percent, this is due to the leaks of hacking tools of NSA which hackers use to infect computers with ransomware.

XMR itself is not harassing computers. However, networks are bothered with susceptibility, and the hacker chooses to run the mining program on the compromised tools. Because crypto jacking is new to internet users and webmasters alike, and most of the time education is the best way to know and respond fast to computer breaches. Ehrenhofer clarified that XMR community and tech don’t overlook of any offensive actions which the coin is used in

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