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XRP Trading Volume Plummets 53% – Why Analysts Are Still Bullish on a $20 Rally


XRP Faces Sharp Drop in Trading Volume

XRP has experienced a significant decline in trading volume over the past 24 hours. The trading volume for this prominent cryptocurrency has plummeted by 53%, raising concerns among investors about the future of the coin. Despite this dramatic drop, many analysts remain upbeat about XRP’s potential to reach new highs, with some projecting a future rally that could see the price soar to $20. Here’s a closer look at the current situation and why experts believe XRP still holds significant promise.

What’s Behind the 53% Decline in XRP’s Trading Volume?

In recent days, XRP has been the center of attention in the crypto markets, but not necessarily for the right reasons. The altcoin’s trading volume has fallen sharply, dropping by over half in just one day. This decline has occurred against the backdrop of a generally volatile week in the cryptocurrency market, which has been heavily influenced by fluctuations in Bitcoin’s price and broader market trends.

According to the latest data, XRP’s trading volume was around $350 million just a day ago but has since sunk to approximately $164 million. This steep drop has caused some to worry about the stability of XRP and its short-term prospects.

Despite Volume Drop, Analysts See a Bright Future for XRP

While the drop in trading volume might seem alarming, analysts are maintaining a bullish stance on XRP’s future. In fact, some are even forecasting a potential rally that could push XRP’s price up to $20. This optimistic outlook may seem surprising given the current market conditions, but there are several reasons why experts believe XRP is still poised for significant gains.

1. Consolidation Phase as a Precursor to Breakout

One of the key reasons analysts are optimistic about XRP is the current consolidation phase the cryptocurrency is undergoing. According to recent analysis, XRP has been trading within a narrow range, indicating a period of consolidation. This phase is often seen as a precursor to a major price breakout.

AMB Crypto’s analysis points out that consolidation phases typically precede strong price movements. The fact that XRP is consolidating rather than falling sharply suggests that the coin may be preparing for a significant upward shift.

2. Positive Long-Term Predictions from Egrag Crypto

Egrag Crypto, a well-known figure in the crypto analysis community, has made bold predictions about XRP’s future. In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Egrag Crypto projected that XRP could reach a price of $20. His analysis is based on technical indicators that suggest a potential bull run. Egrag Crypto’s target is based on the Fibonacci retracement levels, with the first major target set at $6.40 and a more ambitious target of $20 if current trends continue.

3. Market Sentiment Remains Mixed But Hopeful

Despite the recent drop in trading volume, the overall market sentiment towards XRP remains mixed but hopeful. Recent sentiment indicators show that while there is some negativity, there is also a strong undercurrent of optimism. The Crowd Sentiment Index, for example, shows a slightly positive sentiment, reflecting a belief among many investors that XRP will rebound.

4. Technical Indicators Show a Balanced Market

Current technical indicators for XRP suggest a balanced market. The Money Flow Index (MFI), which measures the strength of money flowing into and out of XRP, is at 45. This level indicates a market that is neither overbought nor oversold, suggesting that the price is likely to stabilize and possibly increase in the future.

Additionally, the Simple Moving Average (SMA) indicates market equilibrium. The SMA is currently showing that XRP’s price is maintaining a narrow range, which often signifies that a significant price movement may be on the horizon.

5. DAA Divergence Reflects Speculative Interest

The Adjusted Price DAA (Daily Active Address) Divergence metric for XRP shows a moderate 34.57% difference between price rises and daily active addresses. This indicates that the price increase is supported by speculative buying rather than solely by increased usage. Such metrics can be indicative of future price movements based on investor behavior and market trends.

6. Exchange Supply Ratio Remains Stable

Another positive sign for XRP is the stability of the exchange supply ratio. This ratio, which measures the amount of XRP available on exchanges relative to the total supply, has seen only a slight increase from 0.0270 to 0.0272 over the past few days. A stable supply ratio suggests that there is no extreme selling pressure and that the market conditions are relatively balanced.

Is XRP Ready for a Bullish Reversal?

Given these factors, it’s clear that while XRP is currently in a phase of low trading volume and consolidation, there are several indicators suggesting that the altcoin could be on the verge of a significant breakout. The combination of technical analysis, expert predictions, and market sentiment all point towards the possibility of a future price surge.

If XRP breaks through its current resistance levels and manages to sustain its upward momentum, the predicted rally to $20 could indeed become a reality. For now, investors should keep a close eye on market developments and be prepared for potential volatility as the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve.


Despite a sharp 53% drop in XRP’s trading volume, analysts remain optimistic about the coin’s future. The current consolidation phase, coupled with expert predictions and positive technical indicators, suggests that XRP could be poised for a significant price rally. As always, investors should stay informed and consider both the risks and opportunities in the market.

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