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Bitcoin is Cheap: Robert Kiyosaki Urges Investors to Seize the Opportunity


Robert Kiyosaki, the influential author of the bestselling personal finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” has made headlines once again with his bullish stance on Bitcoin. Amidst ongoing debates about Bitcoin’s price, Kiyosaki argues that the cryptocurrency is still “cheap” and a valuable investment opportunity. His remarks are a clarion call to potential investors, urging them to rethink their excuses and take action in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

Kiyosaki’s Perspective on Bitcoin’s Value

In a recent post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Robert Kiyosaki expressed his frustration with the common refrain that “Bitcoin is too expensive.” He argues that this perception is misguided and that the current price of Bitcoin, though significantly higher than in its early days, is still a bargain compared to its potential future value.

Kiyosaki’s stance is rooted in a fundamental principle from his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” where he emphasizes the importance of buying assets when they are undervalued. He famously states, “Your profit is made when you buy, not when you sell.” This lesson, he believes, applies aptly to Bitcoin.

Common Excuses and Kiyosaki’s Counterarguments

Kiyosaki has encountered numerous excuses from individuals hesitant to invest in Bitcoin. The most prevalent excuse is that the price is prohibitively high. He counters this by pointing out that despite its current valuation, Bitcoin’s price is likely to continue its upward trajectory. Historically, Bitcoin has demonstrated resilience and growth, recovering from dips and achieving new highs.

Kiyosaki reminisces about the days when Bitcoin was priced at $10, acknowledging the regret many feel about not buying then. However, he emphasizes that looking back wistfully is not a strategy for success. Instead, he advises prospective investors to buy what they can afford now and to continue accumulating over time. This approach, he suggests, mitigates the risk associated with market timing and leverages the potential for long-term gains.

The Current Bitcoin Market

As of June 2024, Bitcoin’s price stands at approximately $66,231.72. Despite a recent decline of 1.16% over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin’s market capitalization remains robust at $1.3 trillion, with a 24-hour trading volume of $25.2 billion. Bitcoin’s price has been oscillating between $66,395.29 and $66,037.18, reflecting its inherent volatility.

The decline in open interest, down 1.65% to $19.5 billion, highlights the cautious sentiment among some traders. Nevertheless, Kiyosaki’s perspective offers a counter-narrative to the apprehension surrounding Bitcoin’s price volatility. He believes that such fluctuations present buying opportunities rather than deterrents.

Lessons from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

Kiyosaki’s advice draws heavily from the principles outlined in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” He contrasts the mentality of his “Rich Dad,” who viewed assets like Bitcoin as opportunities for wealth accumulation, with the more cautious approach of his “Poor Dad,” who might shy away from volatile investments. Kiyosaki advocates for a proactive investment strategy, encouraging individuals to seize opportunities rather than be paralyzed by fear or indecision.

One of the key lessons from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is the concept of buying assets that generate income or appreciate over time. Bitcoin, according to Kiyosaki, fits this description due to its potential for significant appreciation. He urges people to think long-term and consider the broader trajectory of Bitcoin’s price, rather than being deterred by short-term fluctuations.

Why Bitcoin is Still “Cheap”

Kiyosaki’s assertion that Bitcoin is still cheap is predicated on its perceived value relative to its future potential. He argues that the fundamental value of Bitcoin, driven by its limited supply, increasing adoption, and role as a digital store of value, suggests that its price is likely to increase over time. This perspective is supported by the cryptocurrency’s historical performance, where it has repeatedly reached new highs following periods of volatility.

Moreover, Kiyosaki points out that the current price of Bitcoin, while high in nominal terms, may still represent a discounted entry point when considering its potential to reach substantially higher valuations in the future. He likens this to other investment opportunities where early buyers are rewarded as the asset becomes more widely recognized and adopted.

Navigating Market Volatility

Kiyosaki’s advice comes at a time when the cryptocurrency market is characterized by significant volatility. This volatility, while intimidating to some, is seen by Kiyosaki as a natural part of the market dynamics that can be leveraged for profit. He emphasizes the importance of staying informed and making investment decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of market trends and fundamentals.

He advises investors to avoid being swayed by short-term market movements and to focus on the underlying value propositions of their investments. In the case of Bitcoin, this involves understanding its role as a decentralized digital currency, its limited supply, and its growing acceptance as a legitimate financial asset.


Robert Kiyosaki’s recent comments underscore his belief that Bitcoin remains a valuable investment opportunity despite its current high price. Drawing lessons from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” he encourages individuals to adopt a proactive investment strategy, focusing on the long-term potential of Bitcoin rather than short-term price movements. His advice to buy Bitcoin now, within one’s means, and to continue accumulating over time offers a practical approach for those looking to navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency market.

As the market evolves, Kiyosaki’s perspective provides a compelling argument for why Bitcoin, despite its volatility, should be considered a cornerstone of a diversified investment portfolio. Investors are urged to stay informed, remain patient, and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the ongoing developments in the cryptocurrency landscape.

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