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Addiction Treatment Center for Trading Crypto Opens in Scotland

Addiction Treatment crypto scotland

A treatment center made for cryptocurrency addicts is soon to open in the Scottich Borders, in Castle Craig Hospital in Peeblesshire. In view of the fact that this treatment center is already runs treatment plans for alcohol and drug and any other substance addiction, it looks forward to treat people who are addicted to trading cyber currencies with methods and steps made for gambling addicts, this is what the representative of the hospital told to reporters days ago.

It seems that crypto addicts show very similar signs as gambling addicts. The high threats, fluctuating cyber currency market appeals to the problem gambler. It gives a thrill and excitement and also an escape from the reality. Like for instance Bitcoin, one of the premier and perhaps the most popular type of crypto currency has been deeply and greatly traded and remarkable losses and gains were made, this according to Chris Burn, a gambling expert at the Castle Craig Hospital.

Tony Martini will be one of the many gambling therapists at Castle Craig Hospital, introduced as former cocaine and gambling addict, and in his view. Addicts require life structure. According to Tony, having been in this kind of situation, his experience of cocaine and gambling addiction gives him insight and compassion towards other people who are facing the same problem right now.

According to Tony Martini, he sees cyber currency trading as an avenue for people to get away from themselves, into another world, as they do not like their present condition. The initial step of treating or handling crypto addiction is to join other patients in a group therapy and share life stories. Doing this helps a lot in knowing each other and at the same time realize that they are not alone in this kind of misery.

Mark Griffiths, a renowned chartered psychologist and lectures of Gambling studies in one of the prominent schools, in a new post on his blog stated that it’s not a new addiction but a sub-type of internet day-trading addiction or a stock marketing trading addiction.

Provided the fact that addictions depend on constant reward and reinforcement, there’s no theoretical reason why trading cryptocurrency can’t be addictive. On the other hand, there’s just anecdotal proof of addicted people and when they are addicted a case can be made that this is a kind of gambling addiction, this is what Mark said in an interview.

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