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Alliance Bernstein Doubles Down on Bitcoin Price Prediction, Forecasts $150K by Mid-2025


The analysts at Bernstein, in a note published recently, doubled down on their previous prediction, emphasizing their increased conviction regarding Bitcoin’s trajectory post-April halving event. They underscored the early stages of Bitcoin’s integration into mainstream investment portfolios while highlighting the significant potential for further price appreciation.

“We are now more convinced about our $150K price for bitcoin,” stated the Bernstein analysts, reaffirming their bullish stance on the leading cryptocurrency.

Factors Driving Confidence in Bitcoin’s Price Surge

The analysts pointed to several key factors bolstering their bullish outlook on Bitcoin’s price trajectory. Notably, the increasing inflows into spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have caught their attention, signaling heightened institutional interest in the digital asset. According to their analysis, if the current inflow rate continues, Bitcoin ETFs could surpass their 2025 inflow estimates within a remarkably short span, indicating a surge in institutional participation.

Furthermore, Alliance Bernstein’s forecast takes into account institutional flows into Bitcoin, with estimated inflows of $10 billion for 2024 and an additional $60 billion for 2025. These projections underscore the growing institutional acceptance and adoption of Bitcoin as a viable investment asset.

The recent downturn in Bitcoin miners’ stocks presents what Bernstein analysts perceive as a potential opportunity for investors ahead of the halving event. They suggest that the decline in mining stocks could be a temporary setback, anticipating a rapid recovery to align with Bitcoin’s projected price surge. Moreover, they believe that Bitcoin miners’ stocks, primarily traded by retail investors, have yet to attract significant institutional interest due to lingering skepticism and a cautious approach toward cryptocurrencies.

As institutional investors continue to monitor Bitcoin’s trajectory, Bernstein’s reaffirmed forecast underscores the growing confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term viability and potential as a lucrative investment asset. The convergence of factors such as increasing institutional participation, rising ETF inflows, and the impending halving event contributes to a favorable outlook for Bitcoin’s price appreciation.

The analysts also highlighted a potential investment opportunity stemming from the recent decline in Bitcoin miners’ stocks. They viewed this decline as a potential “final opportunity” for investors before the halving event, suggesting that mining company shares could swiftly rebound to align with Bitcoin’s anticipated price surge.

Bernstein’s bullish stance is further bolstered by the significant inflows into spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Analysts note that at the current rate of inflows, Bitcoin ETFs could surpass their 2025 estimates within a mere 166 trading days for the remainder of 2024. These inflows serve as a crucial metric in their price estimation, with projected inflows of $10 billion for 2024 and an additional $60 billion for 2025.

Despite the recent downturn in miners’ stocks, Alliance Bernstein remains optimistic, noting that institutional investors have largely stayed away from Bitcoin proxies due to skepticism and a traditional bias towards cryptocurrencies. However, they anticipate a shift in sentiment as institutional investors recognize the long-term potential and value proposition of Bitcoin.

In Conclusion

Alliance Bernstein’s reaffirmation of its $150K Bitcoin price prediction underscores the growing confidence in Bitcoin’s role as a transformative asset class. With increasing institutional interest and inflows into Bitcoin, coupled with the upcoming halving event, the stage is set for a potential surge in Bitcoin’s price trajectory. As traditional investors reevaluate their perspectives on cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin’s ascent to $150,000 by mid-2025 appears increasingly plausible, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards mainstream adoption and acceptance.

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