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Bipolar Views– Bitcoin Guaranteed To Rise – Bitcoin A Bovine Excrement- Investors Perplexed

Ammous bitcoin

Ammous, Bitcoin economist stated, “This isn’t to say Bitcoin is guaranteed to rise. It can fail, or demand could disappear for many reasons. It could crash 90% from here and not recover in 20 years. Betting serious money on something so volatile is stupid and dangerous. If you do it, don’t blame me!”

Never before has the economy witnessed an increase in the value of an asset type as quick or as high as the Bitcoin.

Trapped in a long-running eye-watering, bitter bear market, investors are waiting for the next catalyst that will trigger the price of the Bitcoin the high.

There are predictions that Central banks from across the world might stock up on the Bitcoin Supplies as a type of digital gold.

Garrick Hileman, stated, “The main use for Bitcoin today is as digital gold.” The interrogation is furthered as to who will be buying the digital gold.  If Central Banks would accumulate Bitcoin, then it is likely to impact the price of Bitcoin.

Central Banks create new money; they help in the setting of interest rates.  They also ensure that the economies of countries will tick by eventually managing staggering amounts of wealth by major central banks.

At present, the Bitcoin is in red.  The price of the Bitcoin is at $3,890.

Amaury Séchet, one of the leading developers of Bitcoin Cash argued, “The BUIP process has become a sad joke, with proposals being increasingly absurd and voted on. BU leaders are complacent and, while saying that the attitude of the [Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV)] community will cost them developer support, they continue to enable the toxic behavior by supporting BSV.”

The price of Bitcoin is pretty indecisive.  The long-term downward resistance is a major technical hurdle for Bitcoin.  There is an important downtrend line for Bitcoin now.  This, when broken, will be indicative of the fact that the market has shifted from a bearish to the bullish line.

Jack Dorsey stated that he would be hiring engineers and designers to contribute to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Jack recently tweeted contemplating on what might be the most impactful thing which one might be able to do for the Bitcoin Community, and he reflected that it would be to pay people enough to make the crypto ecosystem broader and better.

Jamie Dimon recently wove rants about Bitcoin barbarians.  He recently called Bitcoin a Bovine Excrement and implied, “The big fatal flaw is that it doesn’t actually work as currency. If you can’t use it as a competitor to all the other actual digital currency systems, we have, like, oh, PayPal…. All of these payment systems are vastly more efficient than the cryptocurrencies unless you’re interested in criminal activity.”

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