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Bitbox Will Be Hosting 2 BCH-Centric Hackathons Until May 15

2 BCH-Centric Hackathons

April 21 and May 15 this year are the days when the two BCH-centric hackathons will be taking place. And with this event, Bitbox, the open source toolkit project plans to take part in the two hackathons and become its host.

Carlos Cardona, a developer, had explained that Bitbox is the suite of the tools, which could supercharge the BCH workflow of the developer. According to him, it consists of command line utility, a JavaScript API (that allow the users to speed-up the creation of the application), and one-click Bitcoin Cash Blockchain.

“The emerging platforms necessitate the frameworks that encapsulate everything a platform gives into the suite of the building blocks for the developers – Bitbox, as a toolset, it allows you to build a Bitcoin Cash that could be ten times faster than the regular toolset,” said Cardona.

In his view, in the entire space, the greatest opportunity for the developers is to empower them and speed up their workflow. He said that is we can do that right; there is a big chance for us to sett of the industry.

“On April 21, Saturday, the hackathon will take place, and it is about setting up the development, networking, and on-ramping development to Bitbox workflow,” Cardona added. “May 15 is a large opportunity for everyone to galvanize BCH development community as the event will gather the press from all sides of the world. Lots of creative energy in this event will be channeled most productively – and BCH can begin to differentiate itself!”

On another date of the event, which will happen on March 15, Tuesday, a hackathon is all about manifestations of the new BCH feature, including 32MB block size limit increase, a reactivated and new OP codes, and the larger OP_RETURN data size. Currently, there will be two BCH prizes for every event – 1 BCH is for the first place and the second place is 0.5 BCH, as well as 0.25 BCH each for the two runners-up.

According to Cardona, the Bitbox toolset has a general purpose, and if your applications need a type of BCH integration form the mnemonics and entropy to signing a message or to transactions, or other issues, Bitbox is the best way to go.

The developer of the Bitbox said that he intends to show the features of the Bitbox, together with the added functionality after the upgrade on May 15. He said that the BCH toolset contains a paper wallet generator, app scaffolds, and a console with entire API. Also, it already supports new OP codes.

“The innovation in Bitcoin Cash chains is speedy,” said Cardona. “Every week, we are seeing the applications being launched that pushes the boundaries of the technology of blockchain. The entire industry appears to be completely different than what it was in the previous three months. I would like to take a look around while appreciating the idea that I am witnessing the birth of the entire industry. This is a special time for me, and I am stoked to impart these changes to everyone involved.”

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