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Bitcoin and Gold: A New Symbiosis in the Financial Realm of 2023

In a remarkable turn of events that’s captured the attention of financial analysts across the globe, 2023 has seen a significant shift in the relationship between two traditionally disparate assets: Bitcoin and gold. A recent report from asset management giant Fidelity reveals an intriguing correlation that’s challenging long-held market perceptions.

A New Alignment Emerges

Historically, Bitcoin and gold have moved independently of each other, with the former often considered a risk asset and the latter a safe haven. However, Fidelity’s analysis highlights a surprising trend: Bitcoin’s price movements are increasingly mirroring those of gold. This shift marks a departure from Bitcoin’s previously inverse relationship with interest rates, which have risen globally throughout the year.

The Gold Parallel

While it’s common for risk assets like Bitcoin to falter in the face of rising interest rates, the cryptocurrency has defied expectations by not

only holding steady but also rallying significantly. This movement, mirroring the behavior of gold, indicates a potential change in investor perception of Bitcoin. Fidelity’s report elaborates, “This past year, we saw a complete decoupling of this relationship as real rates continued to rise, with bitcoin not only holding steady but then rallying! Interestingly, gold has also been exhibiting similar behaviors recently.”

The 2023 Performance

Gold’s price in USD jumped by 14.6% in 2023, despite fluctuations against other currencies. This performance was largely attributed to geopolitical risks and central bank demand. Parallelly, Bitcoin saw an impressive gain of 156% over the same period.

Understanding the Correlation

Fidelity suggests that this newfound correlation might be a reaction to broader fiscal trends, including the U.S.’s growing fiscal deficit or expectations of changes in monetary policy. “Both Bitcoin and gold seem to be responding to the bond market’s signals, or perhaps they are anticipating further actions by the Federal Reserve, like debt monetization or rate cuts, given Bitcoin’s correlation with the money supply inflation and various liquidity metrics,” the report states.

The Supply Dynamic

An interesting aspect of Bitcoin’s market is the tightening supply. Fidelity notes that the proportion of long-term holders has hit a record 70%, indicating that recent bear markets have strengthened investor resolve. “Even amid a 160%+ rally in Bitcoin, these long-term holders appear unfazed, suggesting a solidifying of investor confidence.”


As 2023 unfolds, the intriguing alignment between Bitcoin and gold offers a fresh perspective on asset correlation in the financial market. With both assets showing resilience and growth in a complex economic landscape, investors and market observers are keenly watching this trend, which could redefine traditional asset categorizations.

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