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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Accepted by Builder in New North Queensland Seems like Crypto UX Problem Will Be Solved

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When writing the script for Bitcoin Cash one of the developers say that they follow a very novel way of doing it.  Auto completion, name stack items, checks stack validity; type check ints, byte, arrays, bools; Pushops Using Rust Code, build complete tx in Rust, and release in a couple of days.

One of the construction contractors from Australia in New North Queensland recently accepted Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in payments. 

Bitcoin Cash Australia tweeted about how “On the Rise Constructions are now accepting Bitcoin BCH.”

A post on reddit read thus:  “Contractors are super important to building a community, as they really know how to circulate coins. In this case, a builder is accepting Bitcoin Cash and every builder has tons of “subbies”, sub-contractors that will typically adopt BCH also.  BCH circulation baby! – It’s the secret to North Queensland’s BCH adoption success.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted:  “Bitcoin Cash (BCH) would attain mass adoption and ultimate merry making in spending when restaurants, spas and saloons begin accepting it too.”

Interestingly a Japanese Day Spa in Melbourne CBD known as the Sensu Spa accepts BCH for Remedial Massages, Spa treatment and Float tanks.  The numbers of BCH stores are increasing in Australia, particularly in North Queensland.

The idea of digital gold seems to have lost its glamour.  Investors are looking for real utility and this is one reason for why merchant adoption really matters. When the economy is facing uncertain market situations, the coin that provides for the maximum utility will win.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) More of Updates to Clarify`

It is high time the cryptocurrency market space discusses the elephant in the room.  When crisis happens, cash is indeed the king.  When people are not able to make use of the cryptocurrency at the time of the crisis, they will choose to exchange it for a currency type that will help them buy what they want.  “The Crypto has UX problem and it is difficult for many people to use.”

A lot of virtual Bitcoin Cash (BCH) meet ups will be organized to spread the news of how good BCH can be to serve as a peer-to-peer payment system for everyday use.   There are exciting updates from Bitcoin Cash every now and then. Much needed improvements are happening a reality.  Previously, it was stated that BCH will be coming in 30 cities.  So, more of updates should clarify.

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