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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Users to Replace Entire Financial System Making Fiat Irrelevant

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The currency with the most utility wins at the time of uncertainty. Fiat currency is outperforming the cryptocurrency, and therefore to improve the utility value of cryptocurrencies, it is essential to improve on merchant adoption.

When the price of Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency goes down within a few hours, several investors state that they do not care if the value will go up to 100,000 because they are already apprehensive if cryptocurrencies are a store of value.

However, alternative views opine that if sending money to anyone in the world without permission and instantly is possible for free, then it is valuable.  The numbers going down in value does not change the goodness of usability. Therefore, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a real deal.

Roger Ver tweeted:  “The endgame for #Bitcoin “hodlers” is selling their coins at a higher price for more fiat. The endgame for #BitcoinCash users is to replace the entire financial system so that fiat is irrelevant.”

Patience is required in the process of investing and profit-making.  More so, it is about sustaining a good attitude when waiting for the cash-out.  The process of explaining BCH and the importance of accepting BCH and transacting in BCH continues.  Merchants are having the Bitcoin Cash Logo representing that they accept Bitcoin Cash in transactions.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Medium of Exchange

Several cryptocurrency networks are competing with each other to become the best P2P medium of exchange. When considering in terms of what users value in a payment network, it boils down to the transaction is simple, fast, cheap, private, uncensorable, and reliable.  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) delivers all this.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “When the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was less and investors never bought it, when the price goes high, they regret.  This is true with every kind of cryptocurrency. Anyone who understands risks and profits is only happy with Crypto.”

Many people are continuing to buy Bitcoin Cash because they are convinced that the idea of P2P cash will never die. They further opine that BCH contributes to the idea more than anything else.  Anytime the market crashes, investors who understand the importance of holding on to value tend to retain their position by going long on the asset they hold.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Onboard New Merchants

Bitcoin Cash continues to onboard a lot of merchants this year.  They are organizing several Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Meetups in new places to form new communities to strengthen the network eventually.

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