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Bitcoin Cash Meetups Grow Wildly Around the World

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In recent months, the BCH (Bitcoin Cash) network has drastically grown as regards merchant adoption, infrastructure support as well as the creation of some interesting on-chain applications. Still, there is another metric that has been growing wildly; the increase of bitcoin cash focused meet-ups popping up in many countries across the world. Organizers of these meet-ups are steadily pushing the adoption of bitcoin cash.

BCH Meet-ups See Global Growth

There are several ways individuals can learn about and support cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. Most people research the subject (mostly about bitcoin) online, read about it and perhaps participate in various online forums. Other people, especially those looking for some more hands-on approaches attend BTC-focused conferences and meet-ups. Nowadays, as BCH support continues to grow globally, many people across the world are starting to organize and attend bitcoin cash-centric meet-ups. A lot of people use the site Meet-up.com, which is typically a group-organizing platform based on various hobbies and interests including digital currencies.

Since BCH’s inception, people began using the Meet-up platform to create bitcoin cash groups which meet regularly to discuss a variety of topics regarding the digital coin and cryptocurrency. These days, several groups meet very frequently in regions like Tokyo, San Francisco, London, Seoul, Amsterdam, Kenya, Nigeria, Toronto, Brazil, Hong Kong, Orange County, Seattle, Helsinki, Cancun, Malaysia, Sweden, and Beijing, among several other places. Again, there are bitcoin cash-focused organizations such as the non-profit Bitcoin Cash Fund which helps organizers to bootstrap bitcoin cash meet-ups globally.

@BCHMeetups, the Bitcoin Cash Fund, among other Organizations are Helping Spread More Meet-ups

As noted, the non-profit organization Bitcoin Cash Fund is dedicated to helping the people organizing BCH meet-ups. The organization has very actively been spreading the adoption of bitcoin cash on worldwide levels “as an electronic peer-to-peer cash system,” as intended by Satoshi Nakamoto. The organization also sponsors another smaller group known as @BCHMeet-ups which you can follow on Twitter. Its Twitter handle regularly publishes posts on BCH meet-ups that are taking place in various countries across the world. Further, the group also shares information about where people can find meet-ups in their areas besides also publishing stories and pictures from meet-ups events which have already happened.

A good number of the bitcoin cash meet-ups in various countries have really large groups which participate in regular meetings that are focused on promoting the adoption of BCH. For example, the bitcoin cash meet-up in Seoul has up to 529 members; Tokyo has 558, London 433, while Oslo has up to 727 members. Again, these meet-up groups continue to increase in number by the day. Besides the Twitter handle, @BCHMeet-ups, individuals can also find bitcoin cash groups through the website events.bitcoin.com, which regularly displays numerous bitcoin cash meet-ups around the globe.

As the crypto revolution continues to expand and become more popular, BCH-focused meet-ups globally are seeing more individuals by the day who want to join and learn various topics on this innovative technology. Some BCH proponents are just excited and want to participate in spreading the adoption of bitcoin cash globally.

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