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Bitcoin Cash Support is Added to Bitpay’s Checkout Point-of-Sale App

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The Bitcoin cash continues to gather more and more support among the users and the service providers – and the latest example is the one coming from the Bitpay. With that kind of service, the merchants are allowed to accept the BCH payments with the company’s Pos app, and the settlement is anticipated to happen soon. This is to let the retailers keep their proceeds in cryptocurrency.

Bitpay, a digital asset service provider, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, recently updated their Checkout Pos (point-of-sale) mobile application to add sustainable support for the Bitcoin cash or commonly known as BCH. With this breakthrough, the retail stores that use the service of Bitpay in allowing the client’s payment can now generate the BCH payment codes using their mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The checkout will allow the merchants to accept the payments in the form of cryptocurrency directly on the mobile device, and well as the orders can now be priced in over 150 currencies. Also, it is offering the features that were designed for the service businesses, and these features are multi-employee checkout, simple tips reporting, optional tipping on-screen, as well as matching of the order IDs that are entered from another Pos.

After supporting the BTC for several years, the company had recently expanded its support for BCH. The firm had announced at the beginning of the previous month that the BCH transfers could be applied to the company’s Visa card invoice loads.

In addition to the company’s development with the Checkout, Bitpay is obviously preparing to release more features that are based on the BCH for the businesses. This means that the service businesses will be able to take advantage of these features in their operation.

Answering requests from the Bitcoin Cash Fans in adding options for the settlement n cryptocurrency, the support team of Bitpay has manifested that they are working together on it and that the fans can expect it sooner, according to their Twitter post. This means that the company’s merchant clients can simply keep their sales proceeds in the BCH if they opt for it, instead of claiming the equivalent amount that is converted into USD or BTC.

However, the new and improved BCH service from the company is not available for all business types, and perhaps this could be frustrating, particularly to those who anticipate taking advantage of the service features in their operations. Earlier this 2018, Bitpay had updated their agreement for the Terms of Use to ban the sales of the explicit sexual contents or porn, ammo or guns, controlled substance or illegal drugs, and much more.

Toying with a recent market comeback that features most Altcoins rising value, the BCH had expectedly rose among its contemporaries. BCH had proved in the last few days to be the Altcoin in investing as the value rises. BCH is moving northward without obstacles that impede its way.

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