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Bitcoin Notes Major Buying Pressure Despite Dip To $66K, Analyst Hints Recovery


Bitcoin (BTC) has recently faced significant price fluctuations, dropping to $65,000 before climbing back to above $66,000. Despite this volatility, increased buying pressure on platforms like Huobi Global indicates that investors are capitalizing on the dip, hinting at a potential recovery for BTC.

Strong Buying Pressure Amid BTC Volatility

In the past week, Bitcoin’s price has experienced notable swings, reflecting broader market volatility. After falling to $65,000, BTC managed to stabilize above $66,000. Ali Martinez, a prominent crypto analyst, highlighted a substantial increase in buying activity. In a recent post on X, Martinez noted, “Someone is buying the Bitcoin dip! The BTC Taker Buy Sell Ratio on Huobi Global surged to 545!”

The BTC Taker Buy Sell Ratio is a critical metric that compares the volume of buy orders (taker buy volume) to sell orders (taker sell volume) on an exchange. A ratio above 1 indicates that buying activity surpasses selling activity, suggesting bullish sentiment among traders. With a ratio as high as 545, the current buy pressure is exceptionally strong, indicating that investors are keen on purchasing Bitcoin at its current lower price, anticipating a rebound.

Analyst Insights on BTC Recovery

Michaël van de Poppe, another leading analyst, provided a detailed analysis of recent market trends. He observed that while macroeconomic factors, such as favorable Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Producer Price Index (PPI) data, have led to rallies in gold and USD markets, the cryptocurrency market has yet to reflect these positive signs.

Poppe explained, “CPI Regular came out at 3.3%, while 3.4% was expected. Core CPI Regular scored 3.4%, while 3.5% was expected. All are positive for a potential rate cut or at least favor positivity towards the future on a potential rate cut.” Despite this, Bitcoin and altcoins have not shown a corresponding upward trend.

Factors Influencing BTC Price

The Federal Reserve’s recent policies and statements have also played a role in shaping market dynamics. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s recent hawkish speech dampened expectations for imminent rate cuts, despite economic data suggesting the necessity for such measures.

Ali Martinez emphasized the importance of Bitcoin maintaining critical support levels to avoid further declines. He stated, “#Bitcoin needs to climb back above $66,254 quickly to avoid a potential correction down to $61,100!” Bitcoin’s recent bounce back above this threshold is a positive sign, indicating a potential stabilization.

Another analyst, CryptoCon, stressed the significance of the 20-week Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as a key support level. CryptoCon noted, “Sideways #Bitcoin price action and consolidation continues… The number to watch: $61,603 according to the most reliable healthy support, the 20-week EMA.” This support level has held firm, reinforcing cautious optimism among traders.

Current Market Situation

Despite the current turbulence, the overall sentiment remains optimistic due to the strong buy pressure and critical support levels holding. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at $66,264.19, down by 0.86% as of Saturday, June 15.

Investors and market participants should keep a close watch on Bitcoin’s movements as it navigates through this volatile period. The increased buying pressure suggests a potential recovery, making it crucial to stay informed and prepared for any market shifts.

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