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Bitcoin Soars to $66K Amid Reduced Selling Pressure and Market Stabilization

Bitcoin Soars

Bitcoin has experienced a significant price rally, climbing from $60,000 to approximately $66,000, according to recent insights from Crypto Quant. This impressive upward movement can be attributed to lower-than-expected US inflation rates and a notable decrease in selling pressure within the market.

Reduced Selling Pressure and OTC Balance Stabilization: Key Reasons for Bitcoin’s Recovery

One of the primary factors contributing to Bitcoin’s price surge is the behavior of short-term holders. According to Crypto Quant, these investors have been selling their holdings at low or even negative profits, leading to a reduction in overall selling pressure. This trend has allowed for a more stable market environment, reducing the amount of Bitcoin being offloaded and preventing sharp price declines.

In addition, Bitcoin balances at over-the-counter (OTC) desks have stabilized. This indicates a decrease in the supply of Bitcoin entering the market, which is a positive sign for price stability. Fewer Bitcoins being sold off helps support higher prices, as supply pressures ease.

Another contributing factor is the current state of Bitcoin miners. Miners are facing extremely low profitability, a condition that historically correlates with price bottoms. When miners are less profitable, they are less likely to sell their Bitcoin holdings, reducing additional selling pressure on the market.

Challenges and Opportunities for Bitcoin’s Rally

Despite the positive momentum, there are several challenges that could impact the sustainability of Bitcoin’s rally. According to Crypto Quant, demand from long-term holders and large investors has shown signs of stabilization. However, for the rally to be sustainable, this demand needs to accelerate. The involvement of these major market participants is crucial for maintaining Bitcoin’s upward momentum.

Another area of concern is the lack of significant institutional interest through Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETF Bitcoin purchases remain near zero, indicating that institutional investors are not yet heavily participating in the market via this channel. Increased participation from institutional investors through ETFs could provide a significant boost to Bitcoin’s price.

Macroeconomic Influences

Bitcoin’s recent rally has also been influenced by macroeconomic factors such as US inflation rates. Lower-than-expected inflation has eased some of the economic pressures that typically drive investors to seek alternative assets like cryptocurrencies. This has created a more favorable environment for Bitcoin, as investors feel more confident in the stability of the broader economy.

Future Trajectory of Bitcoin’s Price

The future trajectory of Bitcoin’s price will depend on several key factors. For the current rally to be sustainable, there needs to be an acceleration of demand from long-term holders and large investors. This demand is crucial for maintaining upward momentum and preventing sharp price corrections.

Additionally, improvements in ETF purchases and stable coin liquidity growth will be essential. Increased institutional participation through ETFs would signal a greater level of confidence and commitment from large investors. Meanwhile, growth in stable coin liquidity would provide the necessary market support for continued price increases.


Bitcoin’s recent surge to $66,000 is a result of reduced selling pressure, stabilization in supply, and favorable macroeconomic conditions. While the current market conditions are positive, sustaining this rally will require increased demand from long-term holders and large investors, as well as improvements in ETF purchases and stable coin liquidity.

As the market evolves, investors should stay informed about these key factors and how they might impact Bitcoin’s price. By understanding the underlying dynamics, investors can better navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market and make informed decisions about their Bitcoin holdings.

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