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Bitcoin Will Regain Top Rank in Market Capitalization

Bitcoin will regain market dominance in the cryptocurrency market in 2019 concerning capitalization.

In a recently published report it has been stated that “By the end of 2019, Bitcoin will reclaim two-thirds of crypto-market capitalization because Altcoins will lose their luster due to increased risk aversion among cryptocurrency investors,’ The report further added that “Financial regulators will soften their stance towards the cryptocurrency sector.”

The complexity of the Altcoins is growing.  The current prediction about Bitcoin regaining is based on the ever-growing complexity in the Altcoin market.  There was recently a hash war in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem due to the fork and the complexity.

Repeated hard forks and lack of consensus between the developers will lead to a wider crater between Bitcoin and the other Altcoins.  Eventually, Bitcoin will be widely adopted despite the buzz in the social media it will continue to be the most accessible cryptocurrency.

Altcoins are here to stay.  However, the dominance will be set only by the Bitcoin.  It will continue to remain the exotic currency.  It is a fact that the currency has not reached the mass majority.  The early adaptors and the innovators understand that Bitcoin is an exotic currency.

The major reason behind the decline in the value of Bitcoin in 2018 was the rising interest rates.  The interest rates cooled off the speculation across all markets.

We will witness a turnaround of a few things in the year 2019.  A softer regulatory approach will allow for the launch of Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  This will permit broader investor participation.  This will eventually provide a boost for the digital currency.

The only working path for the cryptocurrencies will be to be accepted by the international financial system.  However, the irony is that Bitcoin needs to be approved by the system that is once sought to defeat.

A change in the interest rate hikes will bring back most of the hesitant and dormant investors back to the Bitcoin market. To bounce back to its original position back in 2018, Bitcoin will need the interest rate environment to change in a bit.

It is important to feel educated on the fact that anyone who is looking to invest in the cryptocurrency market should be prepared to lose most of their investment coins.

Speculation is a sportive move in the investment world. Sports are about win or lose it all, and every investor should know it.  Therefore, makes sense to work with only discretionary money.

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