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Child Pornography Found Hidden in Bitcoin’s Blockchain?

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Blockchain has been around in the market and is invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The invention’s purpose is for the use of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as its public transaction ledger. With Blockchain’s assistance to Bitcoin, it becomes the first ever digital currency that effectively solves the problems in terms of double spending without the help of a central server or trusted authority.

There is no question when it comes to Blockchain’s reputation ever since its existence takes place. This is because it is ten times safer and more secure, unlike the other types of data storage available today. The reason behind this excellence is that Blockchain is virtually hard to hack by a suspicious party. But no matter how secure they are, the extra security had caused a variety of issues for Blockchain’s sector  – with the latest issue that surfaced last March 20, Tuesday.

On that exact date, there is a report that some German researchers from RWTH Aachen University and the researchers from the Data Protection Research Institute at the Goethe University had found out a certain person is storing and hiding child pornographic images in the Blockchain of Bitcoin. With this, everyone brings a question on their minds if what else Bitcoin’s Blockchain’s other purpose and where is it’s being used for.

According to the researchers, they had discovered 1600 files on the Blockchain of Bitcoin, with eight of the files are sexually explicit. They had also stated that among its data are examples of pornography and a serious violation of human privacy. This leaves everyone a question if how it happens and if Blockchain doesn’t only act as a ledger for financial transactions prior to virtual currency. Bitcoin’s Blockchain is available for use, for example storing a small quantity of data in which on the other hand, was taken advantage by a specific user to store the obscene images.

This is obviously disturbing and people are having a different perspective that it might get even worse from time to time, which seemingly place the users of cryptocurrency in an unfavorable circumstance. On the other view, this might sound unfair since there are different demographics involved in Blockchain industry. The researchers had made their announcement on the same day that those users who will download Blockchain can be held responsible for that illegal content found on the chain.

If you are one of those who spends Bitcoin, you should know that using the digital currency doesn’t necessarily require you to get a copy of Blockchain. But the situation may appear to be a bit tricky when it comes to other forms of transactions, including the mining techniques. Typically, there are other variations of transactions that might require users to download a part of full Blockchain.

This case is something investors need to be vigilant of for the following days. The illegal images kept in Bitcoin’s Blockchain are serious offense – and it could potentially bound to become a consequence not only in the Blockchain sector but generally in cryptocurrency, as well.


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