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China Evergrande Group Tumbles Down Bitcoin (BTC) Price


Due to the impact of Evergrande, Bitcoin dropped 5.4%, down $45,025 as of 9:49 a.m. in London, touching the lowest level in a week.  The fall of the company swept the global market. Stock markets sank because investors have been weighing the risk of the spillover from the debt woes of Evergrande.

There are also opinions that the Federal Reserve meeting contributed to the decline in price.  Investors have placed their focus on the monetary policy meeting, because this will set the debate around the outlook for the economy.

The influence of Evergrande on the price of BTC is easing; however, volatility is continuing in the market.  The sell-off happened because investors will obviously sell off riskier assets when they fear a fallout in the global economy.

The price volatility is purely sentimental, despite the cryptocurrency markets remaining affected for a short time. This is happening at a point in time when institutional investors are entering the BTC space and trends are moving mainstream. Several investment banks are taking a bullish stance. Investment banks are bullish about BTC, though.

The Evergrande Group or the Evergrande Real Estate Group is the second-largest property developer by sales in China. Their businesses cover for wealth management, making electric cars, food and drink manufacturing to the extent that it looked like Evergrande is too big to fail.

Evergrande Group faced a record number of cases filed by contractors in Chinese courts, and the overall liabilities touched $300 billion and $100 billion in debts.  Around September 2021, the company was in danger of not being able to pay loan interest. There are an estimated 1,500,000 customers who might lose deposits on Evergrande homes, which are yet to be built if the company goes under.

Reportedly, on 20 September 2021, shares in Evergrande fell by 19% in Hong Kong, which is an 11-year low point.  It then partially recovered to 10.2% down at the close of trading.

Even before the building work began, deposits were made to the company for construction work by buyers.  Thus, companies that do business with Evergrande, ranging from construction and design firms, material suppliers, are also at the risk of incurring losses forcing the dependents to bankruptcy.

Evergrande is heavily indebted, and the expectation is that Beijing will step in to rescue it. If the company falls, the supply chains and prospective homeowners will as well suffer. However, a high-profile bailout will serve as a bad example for others.



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