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Elon Musk Alert: Brazil really Sent Bitcoin (BTC) By Radio Waves to the Moon

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Twitter Handle Bitcoin Archives Expressed:  “The 1st Bitcoin transaction using the moon was conducted in April! Brazilian researchers sent morse code radio signals to deflect off the moon down to Earth, and completed a Bitcoin transaction.  This Bitcoin Moon before Elon Musk.”

Users were like:  After few Years 1.00 BTC = 1000.00 BTC. We are still early in #Bitcoin

The manifest of “sending Bitcoin by Radio Globally” reads thus:

“The dictatorial control of governments, big techs and Internet surveillance undermines basic constitutional principles and injures individual freedoms. One of the solutions to give bitcoin more flexibility, was proposed by Nick Zabo, in 2017 at the Scaling Bitcoin – San Francisco conference, to send bitcoins by radio waves.

Several successful attempts have already been made in this field, most of them dependent on expensive or sometimes very limited equipment (e.g. GoTenna), specific atmospheric conditions to achieve long mileage (HF), among other physical and technological limitations.

Imagine that you are without an Internet connection, in an isolated region and without communication. A small HT radio, a cell phone, or notebook with a bitcoin wallet, and a few meters of copper wire to mount a dipole antenna is what you will need to trade your coins freely, across the planet. But, what if the other person who is going to receive it has no knowledge of radio amateurism and electronics? How will they receive that signal? How will it replicate on the Bitcoin network.  This transaction that now flies through space at the speed of light.

Satoshi.radio.br will use radio amateur radio satellites to listen to these sent transactions and replicate them on the network. There are several modalities of transceivers and receivers of different frequencies and signals of communication orbiting the space. If you want to know more, we advise you to visit the website: AMSAT.ORG. There you will find an updated list with different types of satellites and their orbits.

Our biggest task is to organize all these possibilities in a logical and functional way, like satellite tracking, availability, frequencies and establish as many listeners and broadcasters around the world as contributors, so that anyone in any part of the globe can send a transaction to our listening centers spread across all continents.

Thus, regardless of whether the other party has knowledge of the area or not, we will perform this service automatically and for free. A “listening” protocol will pick up the signals from these global transactions that are sent to the satellites reported on the page (each with its settings) and just wait for confirmations. In addition, it also creates an extra layer of anonymity for the transaction, since it is not replicated by the issuer on the Internet.

Several technologies will be used in these experiments, ranging from simple transactions using low cost HT´s (25-50usd) and home antennas, even cutting-edge micro waves equipment and special high-gain antennas for communication satellites.

Thanks to everyone who supports and supported us. And one especial thanks to our “Professor Sparrow” for his patience in transmitting his knowledge masterfully, our gratitude to Narcélio Filho, André Alvarenga, Paulo Jr. e Rafael Oliveira for participating on these first experiments.”

[73] Marcio Gandra PX4I6629 [email protected] [email protected]; Rafael Silveira [email protected]

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