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Let’s Now Welcome the Akari-Pay, Your New BCH-Powered Payment Platform

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Just yesterday, May 17, Akari Global Foundation, the organization that promotes increased adoption of BCH, is being launched as a payment platform website for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) acceptance, which is called Akari-Pay Advanced. The launching reveals the one-file BCH payment/donation page, which does not require any knowledge of coding to operate the platform.

As what we have observed in the previous days, there were too many innovations and developments taking place in the BCH community, together with the latest upgrade. Today, Akari Global Foundation is on the move to help push the BCH adoption to the users using the innovated BCH-powered payment gateway.

The organizations said that its mission is to reduce the economic oppression and to increase the liberty by leveraging BCH network. They believed that BCH is offering a wide variety of benefits that many of the emerging cryptocurrencies cannot give, including low network fees, micropayments, near instant settlement, immutability, and no chargeback. Akari-Pay, the latest payment platform will make it easy for the users to accept the BCH donation or payment using a simple platform that doesn’t require any technical knowledge just to operate it.

“Akari-Pay Advanced for the BCH, which is an extension of Akari Pay, is now released,” said Akari Global Foundation. “You can raise funds for any goal or project using the BCH. All you have to do is to self-host your own entire donation or payment page using your site. Link it easily anywhere, and you can use our included “donate” button if you like.”

For the users to operate the open sources Akari-Pay protocol, they have to follow certain instructions using the Github repository of the organization. Akari-Pay will allow the users, together with their businesses to run and title the self-hosted BCH-center page for funding. Also, users can specify some short description why others would donate and use the hosted button of BCH payment.

Apart from that, Akari –Pay will give the users the chance to set their goals that include the live and updated count of the donations, graph, and other helpful features. Furthermore, the individual users and businesses that use the Akari-Pay could match the branding theme of the organization with the customizable themes. This can be done by editing the text files found there.

The development team of the organization had released this platform as a completely free software while the codes are open for review. There is also a dev-chat channel and demo video so the users can seamlessly use the platform.

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