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Top Performing Cryptocurrencies for the Month of April

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EOS, Cardano and Tron were the top performing cryptocurrencies for the month of April. It has been a good month for cryptocurrencies as most of them recovered pretty well. Bitcoin has made a recovery of 40% in April from $6,600 to $9,300. Ethereum dropped over 50% in March, but it has recovered in April. From $365 on the first day of the month, Ethereum is currently valued at $675. Ripple has recovered as well. The month ended with Ripple trading at $0.85. The digital currency traded below $0.50 before. Bitcoin Cash also gained over 120% at the end of April.

Tron, the top performer in March, has continued its success in April. The altcoin started April at $0.028 and ended at $0.096, gaining 280% at the end of the month. Tron has a market cap of over $6 billion.

Cardano, which is previously one of the worst performers in the past 2 months, also showed a great performance in April. ADA started April at $0.14 and ended at $0.34, gaining over 135% at the end of the month. Cardano holds the 6th spot by market cap.

April was also a good month for EOS. It started at around $6 on the first day of the month and reached $19 by the end of April, gaining over 215% throughout the month. EOS holds the 5th spot by market cap, pushing Litecoin down the list.

Stellar Lumens also gained 115% in April. So far, XLM is showing a great recovery. It traded at $0.20 on the first day and ended at $0.43 at the end of April. It holds the 8th spot in the top 10 cryptocurrencies, with its market cap of nearly $8 billion.

Neo, which suffered severe losses in March, has managed to make some gains in April. It traded at $86, gaining 87% at the end of April. Neo’s current market cap is $5.6 billion.

Other altcoins have also recovered a bit in April. Nem is up 100%, Iota 88%, Qtum 75%, Nano 64%, VeChain 106%, Lisk 68%, Dash 65% and Bitcoin Gold 82%. OmiseGO also increased 125%, ETC 65%, Zcash 61%, Icon 124%, Aeternity 225%, Siacoin 200%, Ontology 350% and Steem 170%.

Meanwhile, Litecoin only gained 35%, Monero 47% and Binance Coin 39%. These coins gained less than 50% in April and can be considered losers as it has been a good month for digital currencies. In general, these coins were the slowest to recover.


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