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Yeewallet Team and Bitcoin Cash Fund Announced Partnership for BCH Adoption


Last  Tuesday, the Yeewallet team and the Bitcoin Cash Fund had announced the partnership, which aims to spread BCH adoption. The plan of these organizations is to bolster the adoption of Bitcoin Cash by airdropping 20 BCH to the Yeewallet users, who have met the requirements of the airdrop.

Yeewallet is recently launched as the multi-cryptocurrency wallet that features internet voice calls with the help of popular Yeecall platform. On the other hand, BCH is a nonprofit organization committed to spreading Bitcoin Cash adoption to the world. The group firmly believes that the 333 million users of Yee who are getting some BCH will help in the promotion of cryptocurrency use.

At the same time, Yee had just added BCH support to Yeewallet interface, as the company explains that the airdrop of the current week will support Bitcoin cash network spreading. According to the Yee company, they believe the support of the BCH on the Yeewallet will not just augment the application scenario on Yeecalls and satisfy the users with their needs, but also extend influence of BCH and promote development of BCH community.

For the users to be able to participate in the bitcoin cash airdrop of Yee, they need to meet the specific requirement at a specific snapshot date on (5/9/18 23:59:59 GMT+8), in which the users of Yeewalet must have at least 10,000 tokens with Yee’s native coin named as YEE. Also, those users who meet the requirements will be sharing 20 BCH.

The board member of Bitcoin Cash Fund, Paul Wasensteiner stated that the BCH airdrop would effectively be divided equally based on YEE quantity that they have in their wallets, with the minimum of 10,000 YEE as part of the requirement.

“The technology of Bitcoin cash needs to be entrenched into nearly everything that we use for communication,” Wasensteiner said. “The internet is allowing any person all around the world to communicate with anyone, and Bitcoin Cash will be executing the same thing in the case of money. By effectively integrating the Bitcoin cash wallet to the prominent messaging app, such as Yeecall, and providing free BCH to the users so they can see the ease of using it, the entry barrier for the users has been removed completely.”

He also added that Bitcoin cash will be opening a global economy and will bring out financial liberty to the people, but before it comes to life, they will make it accessible and easy for all as much as possible.

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