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2018: The Year of Blockchain Gaming Industry


The Blockchain gaming industry will continue to flourish.  The industry of Blockchain gaming was predicted to trigger the game revolution this year 2018. Since Blockchain is one of the most versatile advancements for the last 20 years, the company BIT.GAME decided to explore a different Blockchain game exchange.

The revolution of the Blockchain gaming industry is what led most of the gaming company to deliver gaming exchanges. Careers started to launch and most of the innovative titles captivated many audiences both young and old from around the world. The Blockchain gaming is also reported to be the face of the new generations’ renaissance game.

The Blockchain games offered by the BIT.GAMES are autonomous, decentralized and are built to serve investors, developers, and players. Tokens are also issued in this game which is also used to control the economics, behavioural flow of the community. The innovations made with the Blockchain gaming industry are what led most of the investors to open new opportunity. In the United States of America, there is certain deliberation about the cryptocurrencies, tokenization and the legalities of the ICOs. However, the solution made by the BIT.GAME could be one of the best solutions made so far.

BIT.GAME was first launch during the 2018 Blockchain Conference just this year. The project has reached the expectations of most of the developers of the gaming community. The company cooperates with the world’s renowned public Blockchain, game publishers, and Blockchain investment funds.

The BIT.GAME also solves the issue of the traditional and development undertaking of the Blockchain technology. Historically, the development of the Blockchain gaming is resource-intensive and time-consuming. The BIT.GAME has made the world of the gaming market different. Investment, innovations, and more ascendable game economics at a high speed and scale that was never seen in the industry is bringing today by the company.

The system was designed to make all the investors and game developers earn some initial tokens. The PoC contribution in the mining will become customary in the Blockchain game industry. All the players will be given the chance to participate in the mining token. All the income of the game will be distributed to the specific holder which is in accordance with the existing tokens. These tokens are the unique currency in the circulation of the games. However, when these virtual props are transacted all the incomes of the game are being distributed via Token.

The moment the market started to take huge movements, most of the exchanges struggle to withdraw most of the tokens due to the control mechanism which is being triggered by mobility problems. The BIT.GAME exchange solution aims to provide a solution to most of these issues in order to solve the insufficient liquidity, depth, and mobility. The company also aims to support the project entrance, platform entrance, and traffic entrance. This year is also said to be the year of a healthy rate of the Blockchain gaming industry and the BIT.GAME will provide the verified and authentic transaction services to the billion gamers around the globe.

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