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A Blockchain-Based Application Has Launched in Russia after the Kicked Off of Football World Cup


BlitzPredict aspires to provide ground-breaking solutions to the problems that have overwhelmed the betting business in current years. This is through recording forecasts on the result of sporting events on an irrefutable blockchain. These forecasts will be time-stamped in opposition to real market odds.

It is anticipated that this app will allow users to make up to date decision on which betting approaches to support. This is because it will be difficult for authorities to cover their record, lie on the money they got, and erase their losses in general.

A transparent number showing each expert’s ROI is shown –giving users with an assessment of the previous performance of this expert. Without this, sports bettors could end up putting their funds in threat by following terrible advice because they don’t have the whole picture of an expert’s record.

Users can buy World Cup betting advice using XBP token.  This token conforms to ERC-20 standard and built on the network of Ethereum. The BlitzPredict platform provides blogging functionality. It also offers MLB or major league baseball model. The MLB model according to the company has had a 25-8 start –leading to 76% winning percentage. BlitzPredict states it has already “suggested a plethora of underdogs which have come through.”

XBP token is listed on numerous exchanges like HitBTC, Cryptopia, Idex, and Bancor, making it simple for users to make a deposit, trade, and withdrawal.

An illegal sports betting is expected to be worth billions of dollars in the USA alone. Legal betting platforms have a “remarkable market opportunity” to attract these bettors into utilizing their services. According to BlitzPredict, this newly established demand will accompany by a need for high-class content and tools that can increase a person’s chances of winning a stake.  They believe that the blockchain-powered tools will help it out to be apart from competitors.

The app is already plotting its extension beyond MLB and football, with a plan to release a tennis model prior to the Wimbledon championships in London starting this July. BlitzPredict also aims to turn its interest to the thriving eSports market by means of launching competitions and providing a smart-deal betting feature.

According to the company, soccer model will predict the result of all World Cup battle based on the important facts surrounding every team. Adding that it has a “ton of content” planned including regular articles and a weekly podcast to make sure football enthusiast can keep up to date on the hottest twists and turns in the competition.


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