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Asset Management and more Powered by Blockchain is a Widespread Use Case

Blockchain technology has transformed a lot of things from the range you manage your business through the way you manage your asset type.  This technology has preserved the integrity in the way the way people vote, the way they rent a car and lot more.  It is already transforming the transactional and account maintenance processes in banks.

With the blockchain technology, everyone will be able to know who you are doing business with clearly.  This your business dealing are protected at the same time it prevents theft.  Your transactional affairs are simplified, and they take place quickly.  The errors are greatly reduced, and they save you from the third party.

The blockchain is of use everywhere.  Whether for companies, governments, hospitals, financial institutions, and more.

If you want prefer to have your own blockchain application to customize your business process you can get in touch with XinFin who will help you get it done with the help of their XDC protocol. You need to understand the Blockchains are more than just cryptocurrencies.

The maddeningly slow transactions and the errors in documentation that were very common in the traditional financial sector can be greatly reduced by making use of the blockchain technology. Blockchain has made this entire process easy, stress-free for less money in less time.  And, the conflicts that happen due to unethical intermediaries is not there in this process. Smart bonds and smart contracts have already gained widespread application in the financial industry.

Asset management processes are increasingly making use of the smart bond and smart contracts. There is a lot of room for error in cases where the broker, custodian or others in the process maintain their records.  The data might not be universally the same; there might be differences due to different approaches in documentation and ultimately leads to confusions about which one is correct.

This technology is also widely used in the insurance industry for claims processing, in the payment platforms for quicker cross-border payment settlement.

Regular properties like cars, houses, and even cookers for that reason can have smart technology embedded in them, thereby registering property details of ownership in immutable records. Only the permitted party will be able to gain access to these details by making use of smart keys. In cases the smart keys are lost, the ledger can be duplicated.

Thus the blockchain technology can help avoid issues with a lot of questionable business transactions, fraud, and mediation issues. The trust and the efficiency factor is greatly improved. With the blockchain and the internet of things, the car is more than just an object these days. The blockchain is going to modify the internet of things to smart internet of things bringing in so much of efficient automation.


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Sydney Ifergan

Sydney has 20+ years commercial experience and has spent the last 10 years working in the online marketing arena and was the CMO for a large FX brokerage.

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