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Blockchain / Bitcoin Halloween: The celebration of true growth/expansion

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What are the best criteria to measure true growths? An example of great projects which are unappreciated. 

Blockchain/Bitcoin Halloween 

The recent approval of the blockchain technology by the Chinese government made this year’s bitcoin Halloween worth a while. This is a prove that Bitcoin, as worthless as it may seem to many, is always extending its tentacles to convert unbelieving governments into great enthusiasts. One can understand the matter as China has been one of the biggest antagonists of BTC in the past. Now, news has it that it is now a crime to call Blockchain technology a scam in any Chinese media- What a great turn!!!.

Bitcoin, which is the pioneer blockchain tech, was built to be a Fintech which makes remittances faster, without boundaries, and a lot more secure. One can really track its expansion through its price growth over the years. On this year’s bitcoin Halloween, Block Journal’s tweet gave a vivid summary of what the Bitcoin prices looked like in the past ten years around the same period (Halloween):

Expansion- The true Measure 

Though BTC’s records are great achievements, it seems that price appreciation has been the major and only measure to blockchain-based project expansion. If there is no increase in price, nobody wants to believe a project is expanding. While this might be very true for Bitcoin because it was created for the same purpose- to be used as a payment substitute, a superior version of fiat. Using the same criterion for other projects whose solutions are quite different from being a means of payment is unfair. It is understandable that it is natural to expect profit from a venture, but lack of patience is a deter such hopes. Projects are meant to be celebrated first on the basis of being successful at what they set out to do, then price appreciation can come second (well not many will agree with this but it is a fact).

This article focuses on very few grounds breaking blockchain-based solutions that should be celebrated with bitcoin which many might not know. 

Potcoin- For the Cannabis industry 

PotCoin seeks to provide an underserved legal cannabis industry with a decentralized frame and payment solution. It also provides its members with significant cost savings, scalability, and unparalleled enterprise security.

EDC blockchain- Faster Settlements

Every Day Coin (EDC) was created to run on Leasing Proof of Stake (LPoS) algorithm. This has made it process payments a lot faster than many other blockchains (it processes 10,000 transactions per second). This algo also allows it to reward anyone on the network which leases EDC coins even if they do not have a mining rig such as in the case with bitcoin. It set out to be a unique payment solution and it has, since inception, achieved a lot more, like red envelope, and the all-new ecroplace. 

The Currency Analytics Network- The Real News Network 

Crypto News is an important part of the blockchain that all can relate with today. It is obvious that there were a huge BTC price bump hours after China announced its strong support for blockchain techs. But as great as the news was, fake news also affect the ecosystem in a huge way. This is what The Currency Analytics– TCA set out to fight against. TCA, through the leadership of its founder- Sydney Ifergan, fights against fake news by presenting unbiased, up to date, and real news. With its REAL protocol enhanced by the platform fuel- TCAT token, it has been presenting factual news with a clear cut distinction between opinions and events. Without an ICO or initial sale of any sort, TCAT token has been presented as a proof of REAL news. It accepts payments in TCAT tokens for those who wish to publish their press release on the TCA website. 

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