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Blockchain Technology Course is Now Offered in New York University

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Blockchain technology is a trendy topic these days because of the many benefits it offers to the public. On CBS New York report, NYU or New York University is the first institution of higher education in the United States to provide learners a course in blockchain technology.

The subject will allegedly be offered by the Stern School of Business of New York University.  NYU was also the first school in the US that offers undergrad courses in digital currencies. According to Andrew Hinkes, NYU professor in an interview, in behalf of the university, they are looking forward to developing groundwork so the students will have a proper understanding about the matter and know what is taking place under the hood. This also helps students comprehend both the business implication and the legality, and get them ready to go out and handle this new type of market.

Kathleen Derose, New York University associate professor, stated that the education establishment is looking forward to big companies and organizations in the area to collaborate in the said training program, even though fintech, renowned digital currency startups will likely discover the new cool thing. Following the growing number of learners interested in the latest plan, New York University allegedly doubled its course offerings this 2018.

Following the growing number of learners interested in this latest offer, NYU allegedly doubled its offerings this course this school year. According to Adam White of Coinbase, a very notorious digital currency exchange today, said in an interview that learners see the innovation, the beginning of a new business or industry. He also stated that in so many ways, Coinbase looks at things like ETH and BTC as well as blockchain technology as the internet 3.0.

In August 2018, this crypto exchange released research, revealing that 42% of the top schools in the world have at least one lesson on blockchain and digital currencies. Out of the 172 curricula reviewed, 15% were provided by finance, economic, business as well as law departments. Four percent were offered in social science. The research discovered the blockchain tech and courses related to digital currency are most common in the United States amongst other countries.

The interest of students in the US to digital currency is mirrored not just in learning courses, bet spending in cryptocurrency as well.  A research done by March reveals that 21.2% of students utilized loan funds to finance a digital currency investment, they are looking forward that the volatility in this asset will help them pay their credits faster.

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