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Blockchain Technology Ensuring Brand Authenticity


The value of blockchain technology is improving with increasing numbers of players becoming a part of the value network.  The advantages that this technology can provide the supply chain is mind-blowing.

Transparency and responsiveness, which was very expensive and difficult are getting to be possible to the dot using the blockchain technology.  The end client can easily identify if a particular product has been manufactured from a specific brand, thus keeping away replica brands.  Thereby, bringing down the counterfeit products and ensuring the authenticity of branded products.

Some mistakes can cost the reputation of a brand.  This technology helps sustain reputation, and several supply chains are setting the pace in adopting this technology. However, only 3% of organizations are implementing the blockchain technology.

Companies need to know of the ROI of the technology before they can invest in the technology.  They need to know if all the hype is real. Consumers are already getting used to the Artificial Intelligence enabled to experience, and now it is time for them to explore the advantages of the blockchain technology.

There are several use cases and which is the use case that demonstrates the most value is one analysis every business would want to find out concerning its niche.

XinFin can help Enterprises with their team of developers and XDC protocol to optimize the flow of contracts and production operations to suit individual businesses.

Applying blockchain technology has only provided with exceeding fulfillment than what companies initially expect when they invest.

Almost every corporation is investigating into what blockchain technology can do for them.  They are researching into what blockchain technology can do for them.  Despite the working knowledge, some are still not sure if they need to be venturing into this technology.

Decentralizing structures is the phenomenon that makes blockchain technology interesting.  Whether it is about solving problems in radiology, improving agriculture, dealing with duplicates, there is a trial happening on almost every possible blockchain based probability.  Several plug and play platforms are released to make it comfortable for the enterprises to customize and apply it for their niche.

Of all the industries the financial and the healthcare industries are making the most use of this technology.  Even the masses are now away that crypto and blockchain technology is different from each other.  Name a niche, and you have something about blockchain that can be used to fix an issue related to the niche.  Just that Blockchain is getting to be everywhere. 

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Sydney Ifergan

Sydney has 20+ years commercial experience and has spent the last 10 years working in the online marketing arena and was the CMO for a large FX brokerage.

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