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Blockchain Technology from MediXserve to Streamline Health Care Records


Documentation of every kind is becoming paperless.  The idea of digital storage of records is already the norm in several institutions.  Rather than storing information in stacks of paper records, blockchain technology is considered the ideal alternative by several institutions.

The distributed ledger approach is the major positive point about the blockchain technology.  There are potential problems when it comes to accessing electronic health records.  It is that the blockchain technology can solve some of these issues.

The EHR software solutions currently used are not interoperable, and they are proprietary assets.  Blockchain technology based on the principle of interoperability facilitates interaction between institutions and enterprises.  In short, the blockchain technology facilitates communication with the consortium of the business.  And they will all be able to collaborate via the secured ecosystem without having to worry about security threats or confidentiality issues.

Patients, traditionally do not have access to their medical records.  It is only the health care providers who seem to have access rights to the patient records that are available in the facility.  With the coming of blockchain technology, it is possible to make access to patient records available to patients as well. And this they will be able to do without compromising on the data, and they will all be agreeing to the truth on the record

; something that several healthcare professionals, patients, institutions, and businesses will want to use.

These are the primary reasons that have motivated MediXserve, the pioneer to make use of the blockchain technology to create health care systems that are cost effective. Thereby enabling easy access to physical examination and consultation reports in a streamlined manner for Filipino patients.

MediXserve is currently focusing on integrating universal medical records to have an improved healthcare system in place.  They have established partnerships with several public and private health sectors. Of note, MediXserve were the first to launch AMBERLab, a university-based Blockchain Technology Education and Research Laboratory in the Philippines. They are mainly focusing on the application of the blockchain technology in the health and the agricultural sector.  The famous product of the blockchain technology is the Bitcoin.

Just like there are public and private health sectors there are public blockchain technology, private blockchain technology, and hybrid blockchain technology.  Some use public blockchain technology, some use private blockchain technology, and some like XinFin make use of the hybrid blockchain technology.

So, very soon it will be possible for future patients to be able to access their medical records documented using blockchain technology for the date from the time they were born.

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