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Can Blockchain Technology Recreate Social Media Marketing?


The blockchain is already disturbing the future of social media in many different ways. Wise marketers will know the effects of such change and prepare consequently.

Most of us are aware that blockchain is the technology which monitors and authenticates all cryptocurrency transactions. A lot of industries have begun adopting blockchain too, including social media platforms. Many social media marketers should be aware of the changes blockchain technology has established and adapt their strategies.

The Potential of Blockchain for Social Media Marketing

In the past, a lot of social media marketing professionals have contemplated the role blockchain technology will play in the forthcoming business models. Following are some of the challenges and opportunities they’ll need to be ready.

Stopping Social Media Migration Over Privacy Issues

The US States Department of Commerce already expressed that online privacy is considered the major problems people experience. Based on their analysis, it is similar to having a damaging impact on the online economic development.

Blockchain can prevent this because all the information which is involved on the blockchain is private. For that reason, an instant message could be delivered between two individuals without anyone knowing its content. You see: information is delivered and obtained, and data is stored on the site. It makes every transaction within the platform private, establishing an authentic sanctuary for consumers.

Streamlining Payments for Social Media Gigs

The creation of Bitcoin wallet has transformed the future of the gig market. It makes payments cheaper, simpler and faster than ever before.

You see: social media marketing is basically a joint effort. Marketers depend on different contractors to guide them produce exposure. Several of such contractors are employed for “micro-gigs,” like sharing Facebook posts on their page for a dollar.

Paying contractors for such small tasks were hard once upon a time. People did not want to wait for several weeks to get paid for just a $5 tasks and the compensations often surpassed the worth of the gig itself.

XinFin Hybrid Technology

Luckily, blockchain has made the logistics of compensating customers more effective and efficient. Marketers can employ blockchain to compensate the team of social media marketers across the globe to market their content. That’s especially valuable process if they’re trying to infiltrate the emerging market and want to compensate local influencers to distribute their message.

One blockchain technology platform which is setting the world by storm is XinFin. XinFin is considered one of the most fascinating projects available in the market at this point. Headquartered in Singapore, this blockchain venture is concentrated on worldwide trade and finance. They strive to get rid of the disorganizations and inadequacies in every aspect of the trade.

Anybody who’s been in the crypto for a long time understands that hybrid blockchain technology is the future. Why? That’s mainly because they fit companies where adoption is lacking today. XinFin ins certain to get adopted quicker compared to public blockchains, after people are familiar about it. In fact, indications of XinFin mass adoption is already happening.

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