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Companies Protect Their Finances from Regulatory Uncertainty of Governments with Crypto


The race is on. And every cryptocurrency is trying to be the go place for those companies that are looking to protect their finances from the regulatory uncertainly of governments.  The shift is becoming pretty evident. 

Overview,  Technical analysis, chart, forum, events that are related to cryptocurrency are being most visited by investors and companies who are information thirsty to get to know about the trends and technical indicators that they need to follow when investing in different cryptocurrencies.  Technical Indicators that are commonly considered in making the sell and by decisions include RSI, CMO, ADX, Williams Percentage Range, CCI(20), Ultimate Oscillator, Stochastic oscillator

RSI has a major role to play in help identifying the change in the price momentum.  This is mainly used to spot the general trend.  The RSI momentum oscillator generally oscillates between zero and 100.  When the momentum for RSI is showing at 70 the instrument is considered to be over brought.  When it shows at 30 it is considered to be oversold.

CMO is the chande momentum oscillator that indicates when the instrument is overbought and when it is oversold.  With CMO, when the reading touches 50 it is an overbought level and when it reaches -50 it is an oversold level. This value is used to analyze the trend strength. When the new highs and lows are not confirmed by the CMO, a divergence in such situations is indicative of a price reversal.

ADX also known as the average directional indicator is used as a trend strength indicator.  Risk is reduced and the potential for profit is increased when one trades in the direction of the trend.  By making use of ADX it is possible to determine the strength of the trend.  In several trading situations, this is considered to be the ultimate trading indicator. This is a non-directional plot, plotted for a value ranging from 0 through 100.  The ADX rises both in uptrends and in the lower trends. Look for the +DMI readings when there is an uptrend and look for the –DMI readings when there is a low trend.

The Williams Percentage Range is a momentum indicator that is expressed in percentage and it normally oscillates from 0 through 100 and the oversold and overbought levels are accordingly.  This indicator is mainly used to identify the entry and exit points in the market.  Since the indicator oscillates between the overbought and oversold trends, there are chances for lot of false signals when an investor follows this one.  They need to compare and correlate the relationship before they make an investment decision.  This indicator provides for a great look back period for the highest and lowest price.

The Ultimate Oscillator, takes the standard momentum oscillators and the calculations are adjusted to strengthen the most common weaknesses shared by the standard momentum oscillators.

Stochastic oscillator is the oscillator that compares the closing price.  The sensitivity of the oscillator to the market trends is adjusted by making adjustments with the time period and by arriving at the moving average of the results.

No matter which kind of crypto investor you are it is important that you understand what separates each of them from the rest of the pack in the line of Bitcoin, Zcash, Ripple, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, XDCE and more.  It is very important to identify the trends in the market for each one of these blockchain currencies.

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