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Curaizon Strives to Support National Health Services Saves Lives through Blockchain Tech

Curaizon Strives

National health services play a crucial role in improving, extending and saving lives. They have enhanced the health of the patients under their care. These areas include diabetes, asthma, and cancer, large challenges remain. One of these is ensuring patient take their prescription.

More than 50% of adults are receiving various medications for long-term diseases. These people fail to follow their prescription, often with lethal results. Curaizon is an innovator of medication adherence technologies. They have created an all-encompassing and unique solution which handles medicine non-adherence at the core to benefit medical researchers, healthcare provider, pharmaceutical companies and patients.

Medicine non-adherence boosts healthcare fees at least $700 billion worldwide. It was according to the Global Health Care Outlook research performed by Deloitte in 2007. The medicine adherence technologies of Curaizon strive to divide healthcare spending and waste. They plan to propel medical research to increase the development and speed of better and new medicines.

The ecosystem of Curaizon features three crucial components:

CURASERVE. It is a doctor or patient interface solution including two dashboards, one for healthcare providers and one for patients. The patient dashboard informs every service user to take their prescription on time. It also lets them add reminders for over-the-counter medicines.

CURAVIEW. It is a high-level informatics and reporting platform. Curaview integrates and modernizes with health service legacy systems. It offers both cumulative and individual patient data to produce controlling reports. It determines issues across a wide array of patient segments. National health services have a comprehensive overview of the failures and successes which lay within the system. From multimorbidity, disease to demographics.

Curaview can be utilized for best practice. It highlights negative and positive service delivery. It will help with preventing, fixing concerns which may have arisen previously.

CURADATA. Curadata combines the distinctive medicine adherence, patient demographic data collection and anonymized. Thanks to the help of blockchain, immutability, transparency, and security of medical. As more data is gathered, the quality of the anonymity of the data and dataset enhances. Records can be guaranteed as data is protected through encryption. It also stored in cloud services along with access limited by the particular rules and storing points on the blockchain.

Unlocking the value of data and fixing interoperability concerns help lower inefficiencies in national health service. It will also help save more lives. Similar to other benefits of blockchain-based technologies of Curaizon,

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