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Digital Wallet Industry without Blockchain or Cryptocurrency– Gaming Practice with Crypto a Long Way Off


Japan has recently launched J Coin Pay digital wallet from Mizuho Bank of Japan; however, it is not a cryptocurrency. J pay has been launched in an attempt to progress towards a cashless ecosystem.  This is a digital Wallet application which permits the users to scan the QR code facilitating payment to anyone across the country. Despite the name being something related to crypto, it has nothing to do with the cryptocurrency. There is no blockchain involved either.  These enlightening investors that cashless societies are possible without blockchain or cryptocurrency.

Oklahoma based auto-dealership on accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Bob Moore Auto Group in partnership with Aliant Payments Inc. will accept cryptocurrency payments.

Charles E. Davis, GM at Bob Moore Auto Group Subaru, stated, “Subaru is a progressive brand and only deserving of being the first one to institute digital currency in the group. We expect great things from this ever-evolving space and with Aliant payment systems ability to remove the volatility, we were able to make it a reality.”

An industry exclusive recently from Korea stated, “The arrival of the new Samsung phones could start popularization of the cryptocurrency wallet system in Korea.” The sources also confirmed that Samsung Pay is a widely used digital application with more than 10 million active users. Samsung Pay probably is speculated to be the empowering team behind the Galaxy S10’s cryptocurrency wallet.

Donga one of the mainstream media in South Korea reported, that Samsung Pay is considering cryptocurrency integration to be one of the methods to strengthen the application into a complete Fintech platform thus expanding their user base to an international level. They are working to create an appeal among the millennial and the digital asset users. However, will this be sufficient enough to improve the visibility and adoption of crypto among retail stores, cafes, supermarket, and restaurants?

Over the past few months, XRP has been getting a lot of attention with the new initiative known as Xpring from Ripple that is mainly focused on encouraging the use of XRP in different applications. Of note, NASDAQ is considering an XRP liquid index. Six Swiss Stock Exchange has already decided to list an XRP ETP.

Cryptocurrency casinos with bigger bonuses, promotions, privacy offering quick transactions are enjoying the most significant advantages of cryptocurrency. And it has been noted that about 50% of active gamblers hold an interest in cryptocurrency.

Anthony Cabot described using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payment methods in gaming practice “at best, a long way off.”

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