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DOJ Advise People to Call the Authority Once They Encounter Poloniex Account Issues


Poloniex digital asset exchange was upset by the concern of Delaware of Justice’s Investor Protection Unit regarding the growing complaints against this company. In an electronic mail, IPU’s Chief Special Investigator wrote to a list of people, asking them to call him should they encounter issues with their account on Poloniex.

Investor Protection Unit is part of the FCPD or Fraud and Consumer Protection Division. This organization protects people from consumer fraud, securities fraud, as well as other kinds of white-collar fraud. The Investor Protection Unit is specifically accountable for enforcing conditions of the Delaware Security Act and the regulation pursuant to the Act. Also, they audit and assess complaints from investors, and check investment broker-dealers and advisor. The Investor Protection Unit initiates legal actions in the case that a company or individual has run afoul of the DSA.

Users of Poloniex have brought to the exchange unofficial subreddit in current weeks, they protest about stuck or missing deposits. According to one user, it seems that he joined that lists of many users who have a stuck or missing deposit. One of those where every block explorer displays your money in your Poloniex sanctioned deposit address, sitting respectfully with thousand million verifications, while you Poloniex account actually never reflects said money.

Other users also complained that their Poloniex accounts were frozen and it is hard for them to get an explanation from the firm. One user stated that the number of protests led her to shut down his Poloniex account, in spite of not being directly affected.

According to one user, he will file a lawsuit against the company. He said that account holders should show to this company that there’s enough reason to pursue legal action.

A few months ago, one user complained about account freezes after finishing mandatory new identity confirmation processes. Holders of the account claimed on Twitter and Facebook that after confirming their identity, they were informed that they can keep on trading; however, their previously working account was frozen or blocked.

One user doubted that the company wasn’t crediting account balances of the users when orders were withdrawn. According to this user, when he withdraws any open orders, the original value of USDT is not returned. Normally, the planned purchase value is returned to the total amount and the whole thing is ok but just noticed recently that each time he canceled an order, the estimated value of holding gets smaller and smaller, and never returned to its original total amount.


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