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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Phoenix Hard Fork Saturn Protocol and the ETC People Page

Ethereum classic phoenix hard fork saturn protocol

Around June 03, 2020, a hard fork is set to occur at block 10_500_839 and miners contributing to 68% of the hash rate on Ethereum Classic have confirmed support for the Phoenix Hard Fork.

Support for the Phoenix Hardfork come from “2miners, AntPool/ Bitmain, Comining, Ethermine, F2Pool, Mole Pool, NanoPool.”

Therefore, the network is in a good standing regarding the hardfork and more of support is expected to come from the ETC community.

The ETC Testnets have already successfully activated the Phoenix and they are preparing for the Mainnet.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted:  “Ethereum Classic (ETC) are very clear about their Roadmap, governance, filings and people. The Phoenix they state has been a hard process, but they seem to have managed beyond 3 rough consensus points and broken testnets.“

The Q1 Transparency report for Ethereum Classic is already out.  The retrospective report provided with an update of what has been happening at ETC cooperative in Q1.

The ETC Coop goals and Objectives Q1 2020 update spreadsheet keeps track of the goals set for year 2020.  A mature ETC ecosystem is the target goal facilitated by accelerated adoption of ETC technology, fostering collaboration between the ecosystem, and a mature governance with transparency. Thus, providing for effective branding, marketing, education, mining, investment, use of funds, enterprise and end user behavior.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Saturn Protocol

The Saturn Protocol facilitates atomic swaps in the cross chain.  Thus making it possible to facilitate value transfers across two blockchain.  This solution will be implemented first between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic and then between Ethereum and Bitcoin and then Decred and Litecoin. Slowly, the protocol will be adapted for several other blockchains.

The Saturn team has stated, “Making cross-chain atomic swaps really work at scale is as much a technical problem as it is a user experience challenge. Without an easy way to access liquidity there would be no successful marketplace. We are finally at a stage where our fundamental blockchain research, combined with the power of Saturn Rings, will provide cross-chain liquidity.”

During the Q1 2020 a few important pages have been created in the ETC website to be of use to someone new and getting used to what is happening in the community.  The pages consist of Roadmap, Governance, Filings, and people.  The people page is a must read for those who are willing to know about the Ethereum Classic Community and its people.

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