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General Public Continue to be Curious about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry


There has been a significant decline in the price of cryptocurrency.  This did not create a ripple effect in the cryptocurrency and blockchain-based conferences that has been happening across the world. The cryptocurrency industry based conferences continue to be popular.

Some are of the opinion that the reaction to the declining price is slower. However, Trade block, an analysis website that has been empowering the blockchain industry with enterprise tools and data services has to say that the numbers of crypto-infused events are beginning to increase.  Event organizers have been witnessing a steady situation in ticket sales both from exhibition booths and initial coin offerings.

It has been reported that the Consensus Week Conference in New York made $10.5 million in event tickets.  There were a total of 7000 attendees, and the tickets were sold for $1,500 through $2,000.

The blockchain conference tickets sold all year round for different events, and all of them sold out, and most of them were sold for big money.

ConsenSys hosted the Ethereum Ethereal Summit.  The tickets were sold for $1300.  This happened irrespective of Vitalik Buterin speaking publicly against the prohibitive costs of conference tickets and related rampant scams.

The tickets for the Women on the Block Conference sold for $299 through $599 on Mother’s day.  Reportedly, the Token Summit sold their early bird tickets for $649 and the rest at $979.

Eventbrite reportedly has been selling the Blockchain Tech and Invest Summit tickets for $899 through $1,299.

Tradeblock with relevant data has to say that the numbers of events and conferences across the world have not declined.

While the bearish trend has confused amateur enthusiasts about the direction they need to take concerning cryptocurrency, the general public continues to be curious about what the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry can do. Bullish crypto-enthusiasts are positive about the long-term benefits of the tokens they hold.

Conferences are focused on events, and there are always curious people who are interested in early bird entry.  They are looking to get educated about the industry trends that are set to shape the future.  They do not mind spending their bucks on tickets.  And, they are well aware that anything that is innovative is a two-way sword.  They are willing to take chances.  They are looking at things from the perspective of getting access to winning concepts early on.

Event organizers are making their bucks out of it; however, the amount of money that people are willing to spend and the numbers of people involved in the spending is an indicator of the confidence that people place in the industry or theme concerned.

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