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Google Cloud Unveils Its Blockchain Toolkit for Aspiring App Developers

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The development of blockchain solutions for business customers is now simpler for Google Cloud users. That’s thanks to the alliance of computing leader and a distributed ledger technology (DLT) newbie spearheaded by previous JPMorgan Executive Blythe Masters.

The collaboration will see Digital Asset to offer a software development kit (SDK) for developers working on Google Cloud, which enables them to build and test blockchain applications without coding the entire platform. Head of Financial Services Platform at Google Cloud, Leonard Law stated that DLT has a great potential for clients in different industries.

He added that DLT has a great potential to benefit clients not just in the financial services industry, but also in various industries. They are excited to bring the developer tools to Google Cloud. They have been partnering with Google Cloud to offer developers with a complete stack solution to help them released the probable for web-paced invention in the blockchain.

It will also decrease the technical barricades to the application of DLT development through the delivery of more innovative distributed ledger platform and modeling language to Google Cloud. Meanwhile, Digital Asset is hoping that the collaboration will help more developers for Digital Asset Modeling Language platform-as-a-service program. It is now available in Google Cloud’s Orbitera solutions.

With the help of these products, the company is confident that developers will have access to an end to end toolkit that will deploy and build sophisticated distributed applications. In fact, Google is the latest cloud computing provider that deploys tools for the blockchain developers.

Early in this present year, the Amazon Web Services has featured the blockchain templates for Ethereum as well as enterprise platform Hyperledger Fabric, an initial Digital Asset. With the new partnership between the Google Cloud and Digital Asset, the template of Aws blockchain give access to developers to produce and deploy DLT uses without the need to write the original basis code from scratch.

Meanwhile, Oracle revealed that it would introduce a PaaS blockchain product by the end of July. It will start to roll out DLT applications in August. Google aims to bring the blockchain technology to its cloud services. The said collaboration will help to create blockchain-based apps. With this, the Cloud customers can explore different ways that they can use for distributed ledger technology (DLT) bases through the use of Digital Asset and BlockApps.

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