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Google Security Expert Mark Risher Warns Crypto Investors about Bragging Online

Google Security Expert

Google director of product management, account security, Google Identity, and spam & abuse, warns against bragging online. He recently urged crypto investors to stop bragging online about their virtual currency holdings for the security dangers it might attract.

CNBC recently interviews the Google security lead, and that’s when Marl Risher cautioned about the common practice of crypto traders. Many of them boast about their crypto portfolio online. According to Risher, gloating online about one’s digital currencies poses the risk of drawing malicious individuals.

Among those individuals bragging online can attract including cyber attackers, which direct an attack to target the owner of the crypto wallet. Risher emphasized that many of these attacks can be directly traced back to the victim’s post about their crypto holdings, and inadvertently attracting scammers.

Scammers could direct a cyber attack due to guilt by association or mistaken identity. Risher also said it could be someone targeting another person with low value to hinge towards a higher value target. However, it could also be merely due to someone discussing crypto on a public message board.

Besides a warning against discussing virtual currency holdings in public message boards, Risher also warns crypto investors about online scammers becoming increasingly sophisticated due to social media. Attackers often use the social media to administer detailed research on their targets.

Most of these attackers contact their victims with a simple asking for a favor. However, according to Risher, the truth is they most likely did serious research finding out everything about their victims. Risher asserts it is crucial for crypto investors to be extremely cautious when posting online.

Early on this year, there were some reports of cryptocurrency YouTubers as an increasing target of scammers and cyber attackers. One such YouTuber who was attacked was the host of ‘Decentralized TV,’ Peter Saddington.  Saddington recounted he was attacked in late 2017.

As a YouTuber, it is critical to be extra careful about hackers. According to Saddington, he used to show his trades in his early years in YouTube, but now he has learned that was not a good practice. Most of the time, YouTubers learn about the threat of cyber attacks the hard way.

In the cryptocurrency industry, it’s entirely different. Crypto investors no longer have a bank where they can whine about their money getting stolen.  If crypto investors lost their digital coins, it’s entirely their fault because they failed to be careful.

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