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How Bloggers Can Make Bank by Cutting Out the Middleman


Are you a blogger that makes money via your posts, social media, and email marketing efforts?

The opportunity to make thousands per month would be much more achievable if bloggers didn’t lose such a large percentage of their advertising dollars to middlemen.

In addition, there are millions of blogs out there and the tiniest issue can cause a reader to leave your site for good. To make money on your blog, advertising partnerships are essential to your long-term success. Rather than relying on major ad networks to bring you the advertisers, there might be a better way to make money that also cuts out the middleman in the very close future.

What does this mean for you if you own your own blog? Faster and bigger pay days.

Online Advertising for Successful Bloggers: The Current Status

For successful bloggers that are currently making money via online advertisements or campaigns, there has been a serious downturn in efforts. The current status of the industry rests in the hands of the middleman. Bloggers make money via content, banner, or sidebar advertisements.

The biggest issue with online ads is the annoyance it presents to your readers and how much money you lose when dealing with major ad networks. Large ad networks take up to half of the money generated by your blog that you could be earning directly from the advertiser. For example, Google takes 35% of the money generated and only passes along 65% to you (via AdSense).

The biggest issues are:

  • Bloggers are forced into using large ad network for their campaigns.
  • There is no time to negotiate contracts with individual companies or brands.
  • Ad networks take a percentage of the revenue generated by ads on your site.
  • Advertisements via large networks may not align with your personal brand.
  • Payment can take 90 days or more to be deposited in your account.

Online Advertising 2.0 With Blockchain

Kind Ads is a decentralized ad network that rewards Publishers more prominently, whilst reducing Advertisers fee. The company raised $20m is a private round.

The premise is to create an opt-in network that makes use of a browser and email campaigns for serving carefully curated ads. Users opt-in to seeing advertisements, and as a result, users get relevant information they want to know about.

Think about the last time you saw an online campaign that you clicked for a purchase. It likely worked because it was relevant to you as a consumer, and the content of the ad likely matched the website. With Kind Ads, you know your blog has relevant companies on it because you deal directly with the advertisers rather than a middleman. This new platform serves as the beginning of a beautiful relationship between website owners (publishes) and advertisers.

Cut Out the Middleman to Make More Money Blogging

The company is working on a new solution that cuts out the middleman (ad networks) so individuals can make more blogging. As a blogger, you are given a domain quality score which gets boosted via positive interactions with advertisers and users. (Advertisers are also scored so you know you are dealing with responsible companies).

The revenue model of Kind Ads is fairly simple: the token-based system means publishers get 85% of the revenue for clicks generated. This means you’d be walking away with up for 35% more in revenue from your ad network!

New Advertising Channels with More Relevant Information

With Kind Ads, new advertising channels provide internet users more relevant information. Let’s compare the current system to Kind Ads. As blogging currently stands, an email newsletter from your business has advertisements you negotiate directly with the company for third-party ads (if any are in your emails).

Relevant companies can opt-in to working with you and advertising with your email newsletter. Your readers get useful information, don’t experience intrusiveness, and unsubscribes are likely to decrease.

Copyblogger earns $1 million a month. PerezHilton earns $575,000 per month. Mashable earns $2 million a month (via Forbes).

How much could your blog make if the middleman was completely cut out? There is a better solution for bloggers looking to cut out the big ad networks and take back the profits being given back to these large companies.

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